Mishaps on the ISS Space Station

No doubt, the international space station ISS is a model of success. List of mishaps on the ISS Space Station is long and worried. The station permanently occupied since November 2000 cycles at 400 km altitude as the largest artificial object in Earth orbit. These breakdowns show how difficult, frustrating and critically the work around the ISS but also can be.

1. Outdoor use with water in the helmet

Their so-called space walks, the astronauts must bring with sometimes strong nerves. Thus ended the latest outdoor at the ISS on January 15, 2016, for the U.S. astronauts Tim copra one and a half hours earlier than scheduled, when he discovered a water droplet inside his helmet.

Probably copra is thought immediately of his colleague Luca Parmitano, whose helmet is 2013 and a half litres of water had collected in, which almost cost him the life. Copra kept its nerve and was sent back to the space station in advance. “Safety first”, tweeted the NASA.

2. Escaping ammonia

The incident ISS happened at the 190th field in history in November 2015 Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly led since two hours repairs to the cooling system, realised leaking ammonia as they. The gas, which is used in the air conditioning, was withdrawn due to a small leak and had damaged Lindgren’s glove. Incidents with ammonia considered one of the greatest dangers the space station crew.

Mishaps on the ISS Space Station - water helmet
US Astronaut Tim Kopra at his outdoor. Due to a drop of water in the helmet, he had to return prematurely to the space station.

3. Impending collision with debris pieces

In July 2015, NASA reported: “ISS crew looking for protection from debris in the Soyuz.” A disused Russian weather satellite was close to the space station concern and because it was too late for an evasive maneuver, astronauts retreated to in the short term in which the ISS back docked Soyuz capsule.

The ISS astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly repaired the cooling system and thereby discovered an ammonia leak.
The ISS astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly repaired the cooling system and thereby discovered an ammonia leak.

Thus, they could save Not on the Earth. That was not necessary, because the debris piece did miss the ISS and the space junk is a growing problem. It was the fourth time that the crew who had to flee a Soyuz.

4. Longer in space than planned

In may 2015, he also missed a Russian space freighter progress after its orbit on startup and reentered the atmosphere in the Earth’s atmosphere. Bad luck for the astronauts on the ISS, because the freighter should provide them with supplies. For three astronauts their stay extended himself through the false start also, because the reasons for the crash should be sought first.

Mishaps on the ISS Space Station
On ISS docked Soyuz Capsule have been used already several times the ISS crew herein had to seek refuge. Four times, because debris on a collision course on the ISS barreling.

On June 11, 2015, Terry Virts, Samantha Campbell and Anton Shkaplerov then safely to Earth were brought back. End of June the next disaster followed however as the supply freighter exploded the private aerospace firm SpaceX Dragon at the start.

5. Mini satellites become self-employed

These incidents seem almost funny: a total of four mini satellites on board the ISS made independently in August and September 2014 and since then fly in the wrong orbit through space as space junk.

Mishaps on the ISS Space Station
All gone: exploded missile, supply capsule including the scientific experiments and supplies for the ISS astronauts.

The crew had only later noticed the loss and suggested that the photo satellite which accidentally had notched out, after a vibration test, a flap was caught on.

6. Breakdown when docking

Due to a defective nozzle of the correction, the crew of a Soyuz capsule had to turn several additional rounds around the Earth in March 2014, before on the ISS they could dock. The small error in the flight path had great effect.

Mishaps on the ISS Space Station
After a vibration test on the Kibo laboratory arm, a door had opened apparently accidentally behind the satellites suit your.

Held four times the Soyuz crew had to fly 34 times around the Earth to bring themselves into the correct position of the docking. Both the Russian and the American space agency emphasized that the crew despite the error had always been in security.

7. Christmas repair the coolant pump

The two cooling systems, ammonia is conducted through its circuits, are repeatedly neuralgic points on the ISS. In December 2013 one of the systems turned off automatically itself, after an inflow valve for a pump did not work properly.