Miniature robot that will repair the airships

A couple of years heralds a return to airships, which in the autonomous form are intended to replace the ships carrying heavy goods long distances. And in this latest invention may help with the famous laboratory of Skunk Works.

Belonging to the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs Laboratory, which gave the world the others aircraft SR-71 Blackbird which is probably the peak achievement of aeronautical technology and works on such projects as the fusion reactor, now has created a miniature robot named Spider. This robot has one task-to find a hole in the canopy the airship and her patch.

Now repair airships is very unwieldy, it is necessary to pump out around the gas, accurate lighting canopy and tedious searching for holes. Spider, which is an acronym for Self-Propelled the Instrument for Damage Evaluation and Repair, has to do everything himself, on the fly. Consisting of two halves of the robot one part illuminates the dish, and the other detects the light and when it detects in this way the hole starts your patching mechanism. After all it does photo repaired spots, so that man might later catalog and check. Brilliant! We look forward, therefore, on the back of the great airships of the sky.