Microsoft Sunk Cloud Servers

Microsoft tests data centers at the bottom of the sea. The Group hopes to faster and sustainable Internet for half of the world population of flexible data centers under water.
It’s cold at the bottom of the ocean. And that is the main reason why researchers at Microsoft want to sink container there in the future with all server racks and wire: the cold water takes over, what to do in traditional data centers expensive air conditioning: it cools the hot ongoing server and it also still free.

The IT group promises efficient cloud services especially for customers who live in coastal areas of underwater data centers. And that concerns nearly half of the world’s population according to Microsoft. The simple formula is: the shorter the distance between cloud and client, between server and client, the faster data transfer. 90 days so mobile offshore data station was planned, approved for water and set up Redmond promises. You could respond at short notice to an increased demand, for example, when major events like the World Cup.

Steel capsule nine meters below the water surface

The research project was code named “Project Natick”. Name you thought up further nothing informed the company on the dedicated website. Natick was the name of a town in Massachusetts, and have to mean anything.

The group recently announced that researchers at Microsoft have left already as a underwater data center off the coast of California to water the first prototype in August 2015. “Leona Philpot” have called the diving center – after a highly intelligent character in the video game series “Halo”, which broke his neck when jumping into a pool and ended up in a wheelchair.

On the monitoring monitors on land, researchers traced that the computer inside the steel capsule about nine meters deep is smoothly operated. The hardware held stand. Details of the New York Times according to bound the researchers the underwater Datacenter even in processes of commercial cloud computing service Microsoft azure a. In November, repeated it the station out of the water and brought them back to Redmond for evaluation.

Energy Saving and Eco-friendly

It was emphasized at a very early stage of research company could not clear yet whether such cloud solution systems under water even once for Microsoft or other cloud service providers in question would come.

Combined with renewable energy sources the underwater data centers but even more energy could save and run environment-friendly. The computer would have to be replaced every five years. This period of time was their supposed lifetime, Microsoft informed.

Foto: Microsoft
Foto: Microsoft

Container would have to be obtained to out of the water. Total, so a station should keep around 20 years before she can be definitively lifted and recycled. The Natick data center should consist of recycled material according to the plans of Microsoft and be fully recyclable.