Microsoft intelligent solutions in Polish cities (Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw)

The American company Microsoft Corp. today announced the signing of a strategic partnership with the company Future Processing, with a view to further development of the initiative, the smart cities: CityNext. Operators promise to support authorities in optimizing the management of the city.

Microsoft has sent the communication explains that the aim of the initiative CityNext “support the authorities in the city management optimization so as to meet the challenges of civilization in terms of health, safety or the management of the urban tissue”.

“Technology is changing the world in which we live and allows us to solve problems with which to grapple with every day. Intelligent monitoring of the same good, the system that independently detects a failure of the water supply network, these are just some of the solutions that once seemed a pipe dream, and today we’re rolling out successfully in cities.

These solutions allow not only for the more efficient use of existing infrastructure, but also on a faster reaction to events, “explained the head of Future Processing Jaroslaw Czaja.

American Group explaining the causes of the development of the project of intelligent cities refers to the United Nation study.

“urban areas by 2050 will be inhabited by 66% of the population of the world.”

According to Microsoft, these data show that the existing tools to support residents and authorities in the management of the city exhausted its possibilities. Stresses also that the example. cloud-based solutions, it is possible to collect large amounts of information about the city such as population density or the level of unemployment. Of such services enjoy Barcelona’s authorities shall draw the attention of the Americans.

Microsoft points out that in smart cities will participate: Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. In the world there are Auckland, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Manchester, Moscow, Philadelphia or Zhengzhou.