10 million hacker attacks a day! Microsoft disallow common passwords.

Again and again, Internet surfers are warned to not use simple passwords. But it does not help. Still the most popular password is followed the incredible combination of ‘123456’, or typed directly “password”. Microsoft will no longer accept this. Services such as Outlook are usable only with secure passwords.

Password ring must be now very strong: who is “123456” or “password” in the Internet and would like to make use of services by Microsoft will not go ahead, with the most popular passwords users are forced to change and new password must be safe and rare enough. A mask with the heading “reset your password” user of unsafe passwords prompts to enter a password with at least eight characters.

Password-123456. Photo:

Microsoft blocks commonly used letter and number combinations.

Thus, the Group has lost patience with his customers. Because it is not new that use combinations such as “123456” top places. This was also already in 2013 and 2014 so.

Password “solo” is inspired by Star Wars and is used more often then you think.

That Microsoft is now upheld, even supporters of the Star Wars saga will hit hard. As to # 23 on the list of the most popular and most stupid passwords, which every year publishes the security firm SplashData, the extremely insecure passwords “Solo” has become the new solo after the character of the space adventurer Han embodied by the actor Harrison Ford.

linkedin tweet. Photo :

The latest adventure of the Star Wars story “The awakening of power” has left apparently even his traces in the Internet. The newcomer on the list ranked 25th is called simply “starwars”. Great cinema is also the password “princess”, which refers to the figure of the Princess Lea in the Star Saga and made it right off the bat to place 21.

Outlook, Xbox Live and Onedrive are affected. There are no excuses for careless users.

Microsoft will not accept all these completely insecure passwords. The evaluated data of about 10 million hacker attacks a day on the accounts at Microsoft serve as a basis for the assessment. To do this, a dynamic list for weak passwords in the Microsoft account service is activated now.

This service is used by all major Microsoft online services registration and authentication of users. This concerns also the accounts for Outlook, Xbox Live and Onedrive.

117 million user names and passwords by LinkedIn showed up

Microsoft prohibit common passwords
The most commonly used passwords in 2015. Photo: SplashData

Reason for trying to educate, to use the most secure passwords, customers and users is probably a have become recently famous incident, which surfaced more than 117 million user names and passwords of the social network LinkedIn in the Internet.


It’s really not hard to come up with relatively secure passwords. The Federal Office for security in information technology recommends that to make a phrase as a mnemonic to a secure password. Here an instructions for a secure password: every word of the Merksatzes take such as the first letter.

Particularly clever nor insert special characters, for example, the “&” in the phrase a “and” occurs. The phrase, “My children named Max and Moritz, and are 7 and 9 years old” is quite cryptic password “mchM &M&7&9yo”.

As an alternative to buy password

It is also possible to buy a secure password. On, Mira sold hand-created passwords that rolls them on complicated way modes from New York City. They are sent by mail. Mira holds the safer modes.

15 young designers, programmers and engineers from Aachen wanted to go a completely different way for Internet security. You made a fingerprint scanner called JAR, which is simply connected to the headphone jack of the Internet-enabled device. Brisk they launched last summer a financing campaign to kick start with the slogan “forget passwords. Use JAR”.

100,000 euro wanted to collect them on this campaign. There were 7,528 euro. “Financing has failed” the last kick starter entry was in August 21 2015.