Microsoft closes Finnish branch responsible for smartphones

Microsoft confirmed the closure of the branch responsible for the production of smartphones. In Finland would lose a job more than a thousand people. Because of cuts in employment, the company announced yet in may 2016, it was announced that work would lose a total of 1 850 staff at work on mobile devices. A significant part of 1,350 people work in the Finnish Branch Office

When in 2014, the American giant of the IT industry has paid up to 7.2 billion dollars for mobile business and patents Nokia, upward pressure on a large offensive on the market of mobile devices. Unfortunately, despite the placing on the market of a number of new handsets, Microsoft is not persuaded to themselves too many customers.

Market share turned out to be ruthless for the company from Redmond. In the first quarter of 2016 share amounted to 2.5% and Android at the same time had the result of 78.8%.

Despite this, smartphones running Windows Mobile are just 1 percent of mobile devices around the world.

Some specialists attempt to be bared in too late to enter the market of smartphones and the too small number of popular mobile applications Lumia. A similar problem was one of the main reasons for the troubles that have affected Canadian brand of BlackBerry, a small number of applications was one of the reasons for the failure of the operating system BB10.