Microsoft Army of Invisible Robots

The computer understands when we talk and very independent and learning small programs called bots to do the rest. If Microsoft is correct with his prediction, keyboard, mouse, and the myriad of apps for every so limited purpose will soon be past.

A few decades ago science fiction authors imagined as the world: robot take control, the man is always passive. Only the artificial intelligences in the films and novels were then quite large, staksige machines.

Microsoft Army of Invisible Robots
Microsoft Army of Invisible Robots, CEO Satya Nadella 2016

On the contrary. Microsoft anyway, sees the future of information technology in them. That has made quite clear now CEO Satya Nadella at the annual Developers Conference. On the build 2016 gathered once again thousands developers working on applications for Microsoft systems. When it comes to Nadella, most of them will work on bots in the future.

Talk with Cortana.

Each of these programs should be fed about the speech recognition, which is when Microsoft Cortana. Manual input or mouse movements are therefore no longer necessary. Rather, the bots should work automatically, because they handle not only the current language information, but also aware of past activities and at all the habits of the user.

Practically, it looks like this: the user speaks with his computer about an upcoming class reunion. Then the bot proposes him, unsolicited, in hotels in the vicinity of the Hall and enters the date in the calendar shows even the phone number of Erbtante Gisela, who lives nearby and that it has not visited for 28 years.

Cortana update for Windows 10

There are of course already all these services. But the difference to today’s apps is that they be activated alone about speech recognition and just concentrated on a single program run, while you need today just an app for the calendar, the hotel booking and the address book or other.