That is not a Snow, that is Methane on Pluto

New Horizons probe has long since past Pluto and its orbit, but the data it collected are still being analyzed by scientists on the ground. Now provides photo showing the snow-capped mountains on Pluto.Blacked-out area known as Cthulhu Regio stretches along half of Pluto’s equator. This area is larger than the Alaska. 3000 km long and 750 km wide. Cthulhu Regio distinguishes itself from other parts of the planet’s dark hue. This is due to the presence of dark tholing, complex molecules produced when methane is exposed to sunlight.

Color photographs show the details of the snow-covered peaks on Pluto. On the left zoom (red), you can see the mountain range located in the South-Eastern part of Cthulhu Regio 420 km long Covering them with clear material, contrasting with the bordo color, methane liquefied in the ice.

Methane liquefied in the ice

This material covers only the upper parts. This suggests that ice, methane gas can behave like water in the Earth’s atmosphere, which condenses at high altitude” said John Stansberry reported today, a member of the New Horizons