Mercury is seismicly active

Mercury-the first planet from the Sun, according to the latest research conducted by the NASA probe MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging), is active Tectonically, and so far the planet we thought in the solar system only.

To such requests have led made by probe photographs that you will see steep, resembling the high cliffs of the structure, which must be a geologically young which clearly points to the fact that the surface of mercury is shrinking. Of their youth (of course in geological scale) shows that there are-otherwise they would be destroyed by the bombardment of meteoroids.

Representation of the surface of mercury (coloured), which will push the Monday before the Sun. In fact, the mercury is blacker than asphalt. Graphite makes him appear dark. The surface reflects only 10.6% of the sunlight, while the Moon 12%. Thus, both are darker than asphalt, which throws back 15% of incident sunlight. Photo: Nasa

The shrinking of the planet takes from the fact that its core is cooled and this causes the outer layer, the mantle is cracks appear in the clear, thin lines, cracks, which are very steep-make up sea cliffs over a mile high and hundreds of miles long.

The new observations are the result of a reduction in the orbit of the MESSENGER, what took place a year and a half ago thanks to NASA scientists have photos in much higher resolution. And we thus we know that the Earth is not the only active tectonically planet in the solar system.