Mega Swing

Pure adrenaline: “Mega Swing” project is the the world’s highest swing.

We are honest: the balls on this swing to swing, not one has in the newsroom. 1,800 m high above ground, attached to a hot air balloon, the most spectacular swing of the world have also rocked their four skydivers. You will swing at 125 m long cables made of happiness.

Yes, it was a PR campaign of the lemonade group skydive team Red Bull. But as Red Bull thanks to superior engineering many years the sound has specified in formula 1, the Austrians show that even in the sky does not run out of ideas them.

So now a swing in the sky, which resonates on a 125 m long cable and is attached to a hot air balloon. Here, too, everything must be: material, weather and the staff. Because who is to sit on such a swing?

The skydive team of Red Bull: the four parachutists Dominic Roithmair, George Lam, Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst have completed many spectacular stunt in the sky. Now, they had the idea to revive the first flight experience of childhood in spectacular form. Project name: Mega Swing.

“Everyone knows that by swinging on the playground. It rocks as hard as it gets, and jumps away. “And we wanted to make it in a big way,” portrays Marco Waltenspiel. Optimal aircraft was just a hot-air balloon in question.

Control two balloons in the immediate vicinity

However, it is an absolutely difficult projects. It used two balloons: the swing is mounted on one, from the second swing the Sadr on the small plates in the depth. During the take-off, the two ropes of the swing must be stretched. Both balloons need to be controlled so cramped in parallel and at the correct distance. It took over the Austrian team of “Pink Klatovy” which specializes in perfect control of hot-air balloons.

Under optimal weather conditions in the summer 2016, the skydiver dared her experiment about the Waldviertel in lower Austria, Austria. The two balloons hovered between 1,500 and 2,000 m of altitude. “It’s the right timing and the bounce. If the rope is perfectly tensioned so that you nicely to the front, then it’s perfect”, Marco Waltenspiel describes the requirement for the perfect swing.

Tremendous acceleration in the mega swing

Dominic Roithmair of ideas was thrilled after his sky rocking. “You have an acceleration in a different direction, so as not seen by a normal base – or parachute jump”, so the skydivers. “You jump down, fall, and waiting for the moment when you get pressure on the Board. Then it goes to a few seconds forward, with a acceleration, which raises an incredibly fine feeling. I can remember no free fall, which can draw such different movement patterns.”

Mega Swing

Mr Roithmair raves about the absolute silence. “The beautiful was that you have no disturbing noise. “Unlike in the aircraft, it is still in the balloon, you swing away, and it starts hissing on.”

But we have still an other exciting swing for you: the highest swing in Europe. And it stands on a high-rise building in Amsterdam. If you are afraid of heights, you can rock about the Dachkannte, and in depth.

If swings for you is but cold coffee, then the world record of the skydiver and engineering Alan Eustace you might be interested. He is parachuted from 41,000 m height and safely arrived on Earth.

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