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Medical errors kill in USA 250k patients (2016)

In hospitals in the United States each year over 250 thousand. deaths as a result of medical errors. This is the third most common cause of death of Americans.

American Headquarters for disease control and prevention (CDC) does not collect national statistics on deaths as a result of medical errors. A team of scientists from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, decided to update the statistics.

Indicators of deaths directly related to medical care are not included in any of the standard method of gathering statistics. Medical coding system has been designed to maximize the services accounts of doctors, and not collect statistics on the health status of patients, “said Dr. Martin Makary, a surgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) appointing +250,000 death provoked by… lets call it “medical mess-ups”

In 1949, introduced the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which is a transcription of the medical terminology for the codes that make it easy to work, putting the diagnoses, as well as keeping statistics on mortality. The researchers found that in 2013. There have been a total of 35 416 020 hospitalizations and deaths as a result of medical error occurred 251 454. This translates to 9.5% of all annual deaths in the United States.

According to the CDC, in 2013 in the United States, 611 105 people have died due to heart disease, cancer, and patients on 584 881 149 205 due to chronic respiratory diseases. The three main causes of death of Americans. Medical errors should be among thus, in third place, against diseases of the respiratory system.

Scientists report that the majority of medical errors is not inherently bad to prepare physicians and their reporting is not synonymous with legal action. The majority of medical errors is a symptom of systemic problems, poorly coordinated care, insurance network distributed inappropriate protocols.