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Marvel Recording for “stock” materials with Stan Lee

Stan Lee has 93 years on the back and of the neck that keeps him perfect, but Marvel, as it turns out, will blow cold in preparation for the eventual departure of success the father. Now are made four more cameos (guest appearances) to the videos on this stable.

This information can be considered official because he cheated on her the same Marvel Chief Kevin Feige during a brief question session in Atlanta. Revealed that the last time he saw Lee, flew to Atlanta and was filmed in a single day as many as four different scenes, which later will be added to films from Marvel.

And the studio is not exempt. On the contrary, because this year we are the premiere of Doctor Strange (4 November), and in the next year another part of the guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-man and Thor.

Last, we learned that 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to make a biography of Lee, it looks like so that it not only Marvel is getting ready to leave. We hope that this will be done as late.