Market Ignores Windows 10, Linux is getting stronger.

Even five months after introducing Windows operating system of 10 of Microsoft has triggered no enthusiasm among users. Windows 10 has reached just the portion of the outdated XP. In particular users of the version 7 oppose to the update. Now, it should set Windows-10 smartphones.
The shock over the unsuccessful operating system Windows 8, which was only slightly mitigated by the free distributed version 8.1, sits among computer users obviously deep.

Although the software group Microsoft customers, that the versions 7, use 8 and 8.1, gives the new operating system, which don’t really bite. Five months after introducing Windows 10 has a world market share of only 10%. Windows 7 to

The new Windows operating systems remain weak.
The new Windows operating systems remain weak. Even the new Windows 10 reached just the market share of the ancient Windows XP despite of the Christmas business.

ok, although you had to buy it, in the same period of a market share of almost 12%. Windows 10 grows weaker month by month. Should worry Microsoft also on the increase. The percentage plus low is month by month. Also the Christmas brought no change, nor the increasingly aggressive growing Microsoft’s efforts, to bring the operating system on the man. Tutorials in magazines and on the Internet are booming, as it prevents the automatic download.

Currently about the same market share as the ancient system XP, Microsoft has even no longer support Windows 10. Windows 7, the last operating system that was safe and easy to use, is according to the American market researcher Netmarketshare with a market share of 56% far into the Guide. That users shy away from change, is probably because they are largely satisfied and not want to get on a new appearance.

200 or just 164 million devices with Windows 10?

In October 2015, Microsoft reported on world’s 110 million devices Windows 10 is already installed. That was another reason to cheer for the company. After that, there were no numbers. Only at the turn of the year the software giant told rather coyly, now there are 200 million devices, including Xbox game consoles, who received the new operating system free of charge. NET application California market research firm estimates the number of devices with Windows 10 currently on just 164 million.

Windows remain as most secure system available. Recently Ubuntu (Debian based OS) getting stronger. Novaday professional IT are choosing Linux for both Desktops and Server porpoise.

Windows to Linux users comparator for 2015
Windows to Linux users comparator for 2015

Now Microsoft is on the Smartphone Lumia

Windows to Linux users comparator for 2015
Bill Gates Quote

There is still need to catch up, if the Microsoft Vice President Terry Myerson responsible for Windows 10 will keep right. He said the new operating system on one billion devices will run within two to three years, Microsoft’s developers Conference build last April.

The current hope winners include the first Lumia 950 series smartphones equipped with Windows 10. Their owners can operate in the extensive app store from Microsoft. For the previous Microsoft smartphones were only a few programs.