Manipulated Engines in Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8

The VW exhaust scandal widens: supposedly the manipulation software is also in 3-litre engines from Porsche and Audi. The VW Group denies it.

Manipulated Engines in Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8
Porsche Cayenne S with a hardness test in Spain: now diesel engines with 3 l engine from the VW are manipulated with installed cover blocks which in the Cayenne and larger models of Audi are present.

The U.S. environmental protection agency has given new scale into the fire of the VW exhaust scandal: VW accused to have the manipulation software used also with the six-cylinder diesel engines with 3.0 l engine. Achieve the scandal now also the VW subsidiary Porsche and Audi, which employ 3.0 l engines in the following models: Porsche Cayenne (2015), Audi A6 quattro, quattro A7, A8, A8 L and Q5 (2016). The malicious engine that reportedly exceeds allowed EPA limits to nine times, also inside the VW Touareg.

Reportedly, 10,000 vehicles with 3.0 l engines are affected with Manipulated Engines in Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8

The EPA is angry: EPA Chief Cynthia Giles scolds “VW has violated once again its obligations, to keep what clean air for all Americans secure the laws”, in a release. The environmental protection agency had brought the scandal in mid-September in the role.

She found out that one earphones software emissions if there are VW diesel cars with the engine EA 189 in test situations. So far, 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 litre vehicles. If the new allegations are more 10,000 3.0 l engine model year cars involved 2014 in the United States.

VW and Porsche reject accusations

The VW Group is innocent: “Volkswagen AG stressed that no software installed for the 3-litre V6 diesel engines, to change the exhaust gas values in an incorrect manner,” the carmaker said. VW will fully cooperate with the EPA to fully clarify the facts. Porsche itself has refused involved in the scandal. According to a report by n-tv, a Porsche spokesman said it had taken note of the allegations and will now check.

Recall: vehicle owner could sit at the expense

For vehicle owners, however, it could be ugly, if VW January 2016 in Germany is sending 2.4 million diesel cars for the conversion in the workshop. Because the group is not obliged to bear all costs of the conversion. A legal opinion that Bundesverband has commissioned the Consumer Council comes to this conclusion.

Manipulated Engines in Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8
Also in the Audi A6 quattro was incorporated the 3 l diesel engine, which was also manipulated according to the U.S. environmental protection agency.

Therefore, vehicle owners at the expense of replacement car or earnings could sit. In the eyes of the vzbv Board Member Klaus Müller, this is unacceptable, Volkswagen also costs must take as a polluter.

“Consumers may not sit on the damage, the Volkswagen has given them.” The VZBV thus urges the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt to an appropriate arrangement.