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Man has swallowed 22 times single spoon

Also with a disinfected endoscope with which it conjures up spoons and blades from the stomach, you can make a career: In the Bonn Museum is the first disinfection apparatus of the physician Siegfried Miederer for endoscopes.

The man from the prison in Rheinbach near Bonn is likely the in the 1970s and 1980s at the Polyclinic of the University of Bonn working physician cursed. Because Siegfried Miederers invention an apparatus of disinfectant for endoscopes allowed it from 1976 to get even swallowed pieces of spoon in just a few minutes from the stomach. Outpatient.

How quickly the development then progress went. Today, endoscopes are high-tech devices, which applying is even minimally invasive operations.

Endoscopy makes unnecessary hospitalizations

To date, surgery and hospitalization was necessary for this. And he was compared to prison everyday like a small vacation. Despite OP. Mieders had operates 22 spoon stems from the stomach out the man from the prison in Rheinbach near Bonn. Until the day, as the endoscope with a self-made Sling disinfected allowed outpatient days to promote the spoon handles.

In addition a swallowed plastic spoon
The 5 mark coin Mieders has recovered from the stomach of a young boy. He bought it from the boy’s father. In addition a swallowed plastic spoon.

However, the “patient” in Rheinbach, Germany had come up with a trick. “Who has built something we called Sputnik: pen mines, which were twisted together in the middle with a thread held together were”, Mieders describes in an interview with the Rheinische post.

Museum in Bonn

“After the thread has been resolved through the stomach acid, have the mines on spread and harm”, so the therapist. “But these things have quickly stopped endoscopy came up and we were able to make small and quick intervention. Then it was no longer worth for the prisoners.” The visits of the man from Rheinbach stopped so abruptly.

Even the bottle cap and batteries can be found in the stomach

Razor blades, shards, stones, batteries, coins, buttons, bottle caps, safety pins, all tweezers, pen refills, dentist’s drill and said spoon stems: It’s amazing what the 74 Mieders in the stomachs of patients has found. So crazy stories that he has now published it in form of a book entitled “Poor Devils” beautiful is hiding behind it.

His collection, the future Director of the medical clinic of the Protestant hospital of Bielefeld has yet again produced rummaged includes 140 finds. The collection is a piece of history of medicine, which is on display in the Deutsches Museum in Bonn.

There, its disinfection plant for endoscopes – only with her endoscopy became an all world be handle. in 1976, Mieders had invented the system. There were nearly 20 years – in 1958 the first flexible endoscope was presented endoscopes.

In the Deutsches Museum in Bonn, also some of the finds from Miederers are collection just alongside the endoscope with the Mieders, the Rheinbach prison inmates has amazing holidays in the hospital. “You belong to our highly acclaimed exhibition pieces”, said Museum Director Andrea Niehaus of dpa. “Again and again visitors are on the verge and wonder that you can just swallow whole spoon and even a dentist’s drill.”

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