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Man dream of three wheels with +810 HP

Somehow, this tricycle has something of a bumper cars: it is placed directly above the ground, the Steering incredibly directly, they scamper with lots of fun around the bends. And electrically powered is also the black Mamba. However, he presses us 810 HP in the seat.

Engineers from Malta have came up with this fun. This is one reason that the electric car like a race car without a roof must be ensure. And his front wheels are set out as in real racing car.

Man dream of three wheels
Foto: Valene Motors

And yet Mamba (manufacturer Valene) is much black engine differently than when a racing car. Especially striking: The car has three wheels. At the back, a bold silts is mounted on a single-sided swing-arm which drives the car.

Three engine sizes up to 810 HP to the choice

The hub motor wheel has it all. Already the base engine with a power output of 107 HP (80 kW) accelerates the tricycle in just 4.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h which is too little, can choose the most powerful version with 810 HP (600 kW). What can that, however does not show Valene. How information on speed and driving behavior are sparse, although the electric tricycle already 2017 to go into series production.

three wheeler
Photo: Valene Motor

After all, learn we, that the car is only 3,71 m long, 1.98 m but very wide. The height is 1.10 meters no wonder a roof is missing. The focus is far below, so that the engineers in conjunction with the wide wheelbase promise excellent road holding.

Frame made of steel and aluminium tubes

A tubular space frame made of steel and aluminium tubes gives stability to the car. Two passengers who don’t sit in a row, but side by side. The engineers tell what weighs in the construction is distributed better this way and this solution is far safer to standard.

Largest battery provides up to 500 km range

Open the company Valene reports on batteries and ranges. And they are remarkable in the face of lightweight construction. The strongest battery with a capacity of 50 kWh is designed to give up to 500 km range. The 30 kWh battery allows 310 km, the version of 15 kWh or 180 km.

Valene Motor
Photo: Valene Motor

The loading times are very short. Valene engine promises that the large battery is fully charged after an hour, the smallest battery needs only 15 minutes, each when connecting a charge current of 50 kW. At fast charging stations all batteries should be no matter charged what size in about five minutes.

Are the batteries behind the seats. Even energy is recovered during braking.

The toy is quite expensive

The nasty message at the end: One dough er version, the Maltese require 35,000 euros. The prices of the two larger versions are not called yet. As Valene danger engine, not to go beyond the prototype stage.

Foto: Jetbuster

If cheaper want to roll off in a tricycle and then still with a roof, then try it with the tricycle “mö”. The vehicle can be located by muscle power and electric motor drive.

A few young Greeks, the Sunnyclist invented a tricycle that is powered with pedal force and by an electric motor had the same idea.