ALERT: Magnetic Resonance with Gadolinium is Highly Toxic

Contrast medium to be able to squirt to better identify about tumors doctors are potentially dangerous. The rare earth metal gadolinium is suspected linger after treatment in the body. The specimen may longer no longer are used in patients with kidney failure.Magnetic Resonance (MRI) is considered to be harmless. True, unless doctors inject a contrast agent previously containing gadolinium. The rare earth metal is though  it is highly toxic and not used in pure form, but tied to a carrier substance. This is to prevent the gadolinium because to become self-employed.

US Agency has found contrast in the brain

That seems to be working but not reliably. The Professional Association of German Nuclo-Medicine (BDN) now warns all too often to use the contrast medium. Because there are suspicions that the metal including carrier substance in the brain remains.

Already for a long time it is known that people with kidney damage can not excrete the metal. “If gadolinium in patients with kidney failure will remain longer in the body can it accumulate in skin and organs and trigger a severe connective tissue disease. The Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis”, says Professor Detlef Moka, Chairman of the Board of the BDN.

This is a pathological proliferation of connective tissue, skin, muscles and internal organs such as liver, heart, lungs, and diaphragm. Effects on the brain have not been identified yet. Currently the U.S. food and drug administration reviews reports according to which the metal was found years after the studies in different brain structures.

There is an alternative for heart research

But why is gadolinium ever used? It ensures that more quickly reassure protons that are stimulated during an MRI examination of radio waves, and return to the initial state. This is the image that takes up the device, sharper and richer in contrast. So you can better distinguish different tissues and better recognize tumors.

The BDN advises to use the contrast only, if there is no other way of Diagnostics. It is not administered patients with kidney damage. Especially for heart examinations, the doctors on other ways should Dodge, the Association advises. Here the scan offer themselves. A short lived radioactive agent injected the patients.

It is distributed in the body. A special camera registers the gamma rays emitted it. So you can diagnose as well as with the MRT as circulatory disorders. In some cases, even an ultrasound, which is really harmless rich.

ALERT: Magnetic Resonance with Gadolinium is Highly Toxic!

The scintigraphy is used millions of times. So far not a single case found” in which a patient through the radioactive substance has suffered side effects or complications occurred”, Moka said.