Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine, but how? This drone lands on the water and turns into a submarine with no time. Sounds unusual, but already a reality. Loon Copter does it all.Submersible drones are not uncommon, flying is not only a right for a drone but also combination. Managed at Oakland University in the United States drone is unique. Engineers developed Loon CopterĀ  based on the Quadricopter appearing first glance usually suspended with four propellers through the air. As soon as he lands on the water however something which so far still did not exist in the drones industry.

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine

On the water surface, Loon copter as a ship can arrive. Thanks to a float, which fill with water in a third mode of operation can be. And then the drone simply turns into a submarine. Begins to decline and tilts 90 to the front.

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine
In flight mode, Loon copter moves like an ordinary Quadcopter through the air. Photo: Oakland University

The highlight: The four propellers work in this position such as propellers, the pilot can control individually. Depending on which propeller run, Loon copter moves up or down to the right and left.

While the drone can film the environment with an integrated camera. And if it should go the sky again? The Quadcopter is again pumping air in the float, then takes off.

Amphibians drone reconnaissance in rescue operations

The possibilities of the Loon copter appear promising. According to developers, you could in future use the drone to observe environmental pollution or marine life to explore.

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine
Loon copter in the swimming mode: The drone on the water surface can drive thanks to a float filled with air. Photo: Oakland University

Are used they could also as a reconnaissance aircraft for rescue operations. The submersible drone locations could reach much faster compared to U-boats. It currently also the chance that she meets fellow grows. The French defense group DCNS assumes that an age of drones in the sea is emerging.

1 million $ prize money. Loon copter in the semi-finals.

But so far it hasn’t. So far, the amphibians drone only as a prototype, with the engineers at the drones for good award – lined up a competition of the United Arab Emirates, exists with 1 million $ prize money is. And they seem to have a chance of winning. Among over 1000 competitors from 165 countries Loon copter could fend for themselves already in the semi-finals with 9 competitor. The finals take place from 4th to 6th February 2016 in Dubai.

Loon Copter Drone turns into Submarine
Loon copter in dive mode: The propeller of the drone, which can fly of course through the air, work such as propellers, which individually controls the pilot. Photo: Oakland University