10,000 km/h $1b Lockheed Jets Fighter

The American aircraft manufacturer Lockheed wants to build a plane that can fly up to 20facher speed of sound first unmanned. It’s curly especially to the demonstration of a new propulsion system. The prototype of the SR-72 is a billion $ cost. And he would be the fastest airplane in the world.

The SR-72 to reach the size of a modern combat aircraft. The Chief Executive of Lockheed, Marillyn Hewson, called the Lockheed F-22 Raptor as a size comparison. About the project of SR-72 is spoken by Lockheed for 2013. The mid of 2020s was then known as the date for the entry into service of series machines.

Lockheed Jets Fighters
Lockheed Jets Fighters

But cost and financing problems were achieving. Meanwhile, Lockheed but the project has significantly developed and changed. And get the costs under control. The prototype of the SR-72 cost $1b. That is relatively “little”.

Hypersonic passenger flights are the ultimate

While Lockheed Chief Hewson called especially the testing of a new drive system as the superficial target in recent years, the Chief technician of the mysterious Lockheed went on Skunk Works, Rob Weiss. As the ultimate goal of the development he calls passenger flights with hypersonic speeds, so multiple velocity.

Lockheed Jets Fighters Getting
Also the predecessor of the SR-72, the SR-71 reconnaissance plane was very fast. He was flown until 1999 by the US air force and reached 3540 km / h. Photo: Lockheed Martin

In parallel, he has military versions, initially intended to the enlightenment. But versions, which can be used as fighters or bombers are possible.

The new drive system SR-72 full control at 10,000 km/h

According to data by Marillyn Hewson, the SR-72 speeds between the six to reach up to twenty times the speed of sound. To do this, two drive systems are combined. To start you should refer to SR-72 conventional Jet engines that enable an acceleration of magnitude up to twice the speed of sound.

At this rate, then so-called ramjets take over acceleration and cruising. A ramjet is a parent sound engine, which does not have movable components in contrast to the conventional Jet engine. A combustion chamber joins at the air inlet, in which the fuel is injected.

Backwards the drive air is then expelled as a normal Jet engine.

Ramjet engines are developed for several years for the various research aircraft and built. It is characteristic of the Ramjet propulsion is an engine that “breathes the air”. So, it’s not a rocket engine. The technical challenge for Lockheed is in the combination of the two drives in the SR-72. The problem is that the normal Jet engines no speeds are reached, which go much beyond the double speed of sound.

Lockheed Fighters Getting
The range of the SR-71 reconnaissance was 5400 kilometers. Photo: Lockheed Martin

The Ramjet engines achieve their best performance only at more than four times the speed of sound. Hewson and white have not betrayed yet how Lockheed smoothly and reliably will bridge this gap. However, there is evidence that the Lockheed engineers have found a solution. Notes on new and much nuts materials suggest that probably about material technology is tried, the marked speed gap.

Precursor to the SR-72 is the high-performance aircraft SR-71

The previous model SR-71 Blackbird, holds a variety of yet unbroken records. This aircraft has been inserted as a reconnaissance aircraft in the U.S. air force in addition to research flights mainly for military purposes. The SR-71 flew for the first time in 1966 and was taken by the air force in 1999 finally from the service. The top speed of the SR-71 was 3540 km per hour. The range was 5400 kilometers. All of this is much less than for the SR-72 targeted values.