“Living water” rewitalizator in the fight against the body’s detoxicant

The “living water” is a liquid with the appropriate parameters. This water has a physico-chemical properties, which primarily affected to optimize physiological fluid. It also includes the correct pH, oxygen, antioxidants, electrolytes and an appropriate structure.

These parameters cause the body is continuously filtered and purify

As he spoke, acidification of the body “is very convenient for people living under stress, promotes in the wrong way, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and above all, after chemotherapy and radiation.”

Zakrzewski also pointed out that one of the main factors affecting the proper functioning of the body is the correct pH.┬áThe body is working in an alkaline environment, which in the body fluids varies from 7.35 to 8.8 pancreas, which is the cleanest organ; with the highest pH and oxygen’s largest-said.

You have to keep in mind that all of our fluids are alkaline.

Actually our body is like a fish in an aquarium. How to disable the pump this fish will not survive-the water will, without oxygen, there will be impurities, bacteria, fungi, mold. Always acidic environment is the optimal environment to the development of pollution, parasites. As a result, the body begins to fail, because it breaks down the metabolism, Physiology, and performance and organ-added.

He stressed that in a situation when the parameters of biological fluids and organ functions are falling-it starts to use pharmacological therapy, which as pointed out Zakrzewski-“is no longer the treatment effects, not causes.”

The most important liquid in the body is the blood, because oxygenates, nourishes, cleanses the body, so if any of the properties of the blood is disturbed that you have problems with the whole circulation, the performance of every cell in the body.

If these cells will have a disorder automatically tissue and whole organ and the end result will be that the patient has to take pills for this organ, which poorly worked-said Zakrzewski.

Using a physiologically + water +, drinking it regularly, we can bring for optimum peripheral circulation and remove a lot of excruciating ailments, like dizziness, tinnitus, tingling, numbness, swelling, pulsations, cold feet or hands. These are all situations just weakened peripheral circulation-added.

Inspector stressed also that rewitalizator supports also pharmacological therapy.

We have many patients who use + water + every day, at home, for drinking, cooking, after several months, reduce medication dosages for example. for high blood pressure. Similarly, they note that diabetes the pancreas much better works, produces more insulin-said.

“Living water” also contains antioxidants, or antioxidants that cleanse the body of impurities, deposits, free radicals, or metabolic residues. Thus, the “living water” works well as a rejuvenating and affects for example. the firmness of the skin.

Zakrzewski pointed out that cleansing the body should be the duty of every modern man.

We are never able to maintain the purity of the body in 100% Valid is regularity. So how to replace filters, fluids, timing in the car, just as we are cleaning the bathroom-because it is a necessary and inevitable. And the same is true of our organism” he said.