This little device hangs on the tree and 5 km border monitors

Vision devices are becoming increasingly important for the monitoring of borders, security zones, the airspace over cities and many related tasks. With conventional video cameras, only relatively small excerpts can be closely monitored. Modern vision devices however, can monitor up to 5 km border the same as the 150-times performance.

Elbit, a large Israeli military technology provider, has unveiled just a infrared-based vision device, even mobile can be used to monitor border areas. The small device can adapt to a wall, hang from a tree or pole, attach a drone or a ship. The images can be viewed in a fixed or mobile control center, but also on a simple computer or even a tablet.

The vision unit SupervisIR seen up close. Photo: Elbit

The human observer in this system must not constantly strained look on the screen. Rather, the device alerts the observer automatically when it detects a suspicious appearing movement somewhere. It does not matter whether the view is good or bad, whether it’s raining or is night. Also, automatically all image material is drawn immediately from turning on.

Radar with wide and forest views

No matter whether in the military or the police each forest Strip takes an overview of the terrain. The leaves of the trees and shrubs that so far can’t penetrate the most devices are to blame for this. At least not deep enough.

At a trade fair in Paris the Israeli industry was now a small radar device, reports on the enemy hidden in the forest whether they are on the way on foot or in vehicles and followed in their movements. On the question, how far this radar into the forest looks, there is no precise answer. That there are however more than 100 m, is not disputed.

All-round visibility for the drivers of water cannon

In dangerous situations, it is particularly important to have a good view in all directions from the relative safety of their vehicle for drivers of vehicles. The new Israeli IronVision system allows drivers a full all-round visibility in all weather conditions, day and night.

SupervisIR: The small radar reports hidden enemies in the forest and tracks their movements. Photo: Elbit

This must sit the driver from the vehicle out, or this even leave. The IronVision system gives view freely on all close in only 2 to 3m distance up to all that is up to 300 m away. IronVision is a system that had been developed originally for helicopter pilots and is offered in a version for land vehicles as well.

Security expenses of the States get back

In European NATO countries, the security costs rise again after long years of gradual decline. According to the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, 253 billion U.S. dollars were issued in Europe 2015 by the allies as a whole. This corresponded to 1.43% of the gross national product. Expenditure in the amount of two per cent are NATO’s aim. The increasing frequency of terrorist attacks in many European countries, as well as the growing political differences now lead to a significantly increased buying interest.