Lithuania is using Transparent-Eco-Friendly Buses.

Buses must be not dark, smelly and rumple. A Lithuanian-German company shows how it’s done differently. Experimental bus connects retro-chic with renewable energy and additionally ensures nearest perspective and possibilities.

Buses leave usually any Miss Chic. Also on their environmental friendliness, a lot can be improved. Itself out look you usually can no longer, since resourceful companies have discovered the window as advertising space.

Hyper-modern time honored based materials

Just want to change Vėjo Project, a Lithuanian company with German participation build buses as cooler, cleaner and thereby integrated into the cityscape. For this the developers brought the rolling experiment of “Dancer”. On the road bus is made from ultra-modern materials on a vintage frame with bonds on time tested power drive technology. Where the energy it also needed to come from the generation spanning 17-strong group of practitioners and scientists has already set their names: “Vėjo Projektai” means as much as “Wind project”.

Lithuania is using Transparent-Eco-Friendly Buses
Lithuania is using Transparent-Eco-Friendly Buses

The bus, which already rolls over Lithuanian roads during the trial phase, is based on a Škoda 14Tr trolley bus in the 80s across Eastern Europe, which was also used in the late East German. In contrast to this well-known shape is the installed technology for drive and outer sheath.

Energy propels the lightweight and efficiency

Modern bus builders rely on electric power. The bus is powered by a catenary with energy and can disengage. Then electricity from wind energy is used the wheels with relevant engines are provided for this purpose. To keep the consumption as low as possible, dancer is extremely fleet footed on the road: due to modern materials of composite, from which the outer shell, is the bus whopping 57% lighter than his conventional siblings.

Lithuania is using Transparent-Eco-Friendly Buses-1

Used panels are to a large to extent transparent, therefor some parts are using polymers. Passers by and passengers can see outside and inside. The bus into the street scape. Another advantage in the energy balance: At least during the day, no artificial light is required in the passenger compartment.

Outer shell as a video wall

These benefits fall off, because it’s dark outside, the shell can be due to its special structure if necessary with videos and images play, so that the means of transport is a rolling work of art or a rolling Latvia column with variable message.

Dancer is yet in development and experimental phase. In the current “level one” the developers engaged in further material, drive, and the possibilities of modern city bus, to measure their ideas to reality. Level two have it but firmly in mind: when it comes to Vėjo , the findings gathered in level one to manifest themselves in a Superlight electric bus and as a pioneer of a new generation of city buses at the start roll dancer.

Also in the Switzerland does something in terms of city bus. In habits Electro buses without pilot through the area should drive, huh spring 2016 actually. However they can only accommodate nine passengers.