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Engineer List of Stadiums for EURO 2016 (France)

In exactly one month EURO 2016 begins in France. This time with a full schedule there’s never been more games at a European Championships. Which are the most spectacular and which one to choose to visit.

Not many engineers are interested in football, for those who do we prepare the list of most impressive structures to see during the game. The 15 Football Championship which starts on 10 June 2016 with the game, France Romania is a record event. Why? Because for the first time 24 teams taking part and there are 51 tournament games. So far, usually 16 teams in 31 games had fought for the Crown of the European champion.

For the tournament, France has let get ten furlongs on front man. Five of these are completely new or been converted extensively. These are the most spectacular and most beautiful stages of the European Football Championship in France:

Uncontested: “Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux”

A feast for the Basel have built architects Herzog & de Meuron have developed also the Allianz-Arena in Munich: the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux. The stadium construction project in the North of Bordeaux offers an area of 45.480 m2 and two superimposed ranks about 42,000 spectators.

Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux
Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux. Photo

He is thus smaller than the Alliance arena, including 75,000 visitors, and optically lighter. Spacious stairways and a forest of pillars on which rests the slim stadium roof, seem to blur the boundaries between exterior and Interior. Four group games and a quarter-finals are in the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux take place. Cost of the new building is impressive 183 million euro.

Compact: “Stadium Pierre Mauroy in Lille”

As EM Stadion, France has chosen the Stade Pierry Mauroy in Lille. The home of French football club OSC Lille can accommodate 50.157 spectators, which particularly close can sit in the first rows of courtside and cheer for their teams.

Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille
Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille. Photo:

Another special feature of the 282 million euro arena was opened in August 2012. Half grass area can be transferred of the northern part and half the stadiu. To close the roof, then still in the Schalke arena she’s done: a Hall, where 30,000 spectators can enjoy concerts, cultural events and indoor sports tournaments.

Panoramic: “Stade des Lumières in Lyon”

The Stade de Lumières is one of the most expensive new buildings for the European Championships for 2016. The giant of the U.S. architectural firm of populous, which has added even Wembley Stadium in England, has gobbled up 405 million euros. For the future home stadium of former French series master has to offer Olympique Lyon football fans but also a lot: among capacity of 59,000 seats and thus potential for loud cheers choirs, two built-in hotels as well as a leisure center.

Stade des Lumières in Lyon
Stade des Lumières in Lyon. Photo:

And who’s playing at the Stade des Lumières, which was only completed in January 2016? On June 13, 2016 Belgium against Italy. Then three more matches of the group stage and a knockout the first semi-final held in the stadium.

French Proud: “Stade Vélodrome in Marseille”

One of the oldest stadiums of euro 2016 is the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. The soccer Temple opened its doors for the first time in 1937 and at that time provided space for 30,000 spectators, who visited bicycle race. This was followed by a renovation in 1984 and another in 1998 on the occasion of the World Cup, to increase the capacity to 60,000 seats. For euro 2016, France has made loosely 268 million euros for further expansion. Architects have designed the stadium so that treats not only an undulating roof that is a real eye-catcher, but also give space for more 7,000 fans.

Stade Vélodrome in Marseille
Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. Photo:

With 67,000 seats the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille is second largest now Stadium France, where the French football club Olympique Marseille regularly wears his court battles. Six games will take place during the European Championship in 2016. On June 11, the match England Russia makes the kick-off. Three more games in the group stage, a quarterfinal, and a semifinal on July 07th follow.

Quaiet: “Stade de France Saint Denis” near Paris

Which is the largest stadium in France? The Stade de France in Saint-Denis. The official national stadium has a capacity of more than 80,000 seats, which are distributed in four stands with three ranks. A special feature: The lower grandstand can be around 15 meters to the rear, so that also athletics competitions take place in the stadium.

Stade de France in Saint Denis near Paris
Stade de France in Saint Denis near Paris. Photo:

Last, the stadium went on 13 November 2015 by the media when it came during the friendly match between France and Germany on the Paris terror attacks, which were heard at the stadium.

Seven games at the stadium will take place during the European Championships: the opening game, three more matches, the third knockout, the third quarter-finals and the final on July 10.