Lightest Metal On The World

Lightest metal on the world. 99.9% is air…

Can you imagine a material a million times lighter than the styrofoam? Such property was introduced nearly two years ago, the lightest material in the world, that is an aerogel. This one was created in China and already has more porpoise then a pencil sharper in the school-garden.

Now, however, the time has come for even greater revolution, this time in metallurgy. Engineers from Boeing have created, in fact, the lightest metal in the world, that soon, as an aerogel, can transform beyond recognition a few industries.

MikroGrid is so lightweight, that no problem to remain in airĀ and at the same time has a remarkable strength. The metal is 100 times lighter than styrofoam, so Boeing wants to apply it in the latest designs and plating of aircraft or cars.

The material consists of properly interconnected empty metal tubes, through which flows until 99.99 percent air. The creator, when designing this innovative metal, found inspiration in nature.

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