Light Concrete House: Few Great News on Bautec

A staircase, whose Beton light, fresh air, which is heated by solar energy, or a 3D printer which prints out topographic images of 3D models: Also the 17th edition of the trade fair Bautec presents exciting innovations. We have compiled seven particularly interesting news.

The Light Concrete House functionality on twelve square meters

Hall 25, visitors can marvel at the so-called Shrank-Room. Seriously House to call the square compact and furnished a docking structure would be but maybe a bit far fetched. The community project of aspiring furniture and interior designer of University of applied sciences Potsdam, as well as Civil Engineering College for sustainable development in Eberswalde wants to meet the increasing demand on local flexibility and agility.

Vanity with built-in lighting technology: Siut, a spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin, has developed a concrete, in which the lighting technology is already embedded. But the light sources are not felt.
Vanity with built-in lighting technology: Siut, a spin-off of the Berlin Technical University, has developed a concrete in which the lighting technology is already embedded. But the light sources are not felt.

With twelve square meters of space, the concept is based on two opposing space bodies that represent the inside of a cabinet with various storage areas and functions. Those “cabinets” are designed as modules with different functions and can be individually adapted to the needs of residents. What is special is the transmission of mobile mobility concepts on a building. Due to its modular lightweight foundation is not necessary.

Hall 25, booth 227
Light concrete: building material with built-in technology

Under the company names and product names Siut there to see a new light fiber-reinforced concrete in Berlin. Records for the development of a scientific spin off the TU Berlin responsible – in the fields of building materials and construction chemicals.

Few Great News on Bautec
The Berlin based company 3YOURMIND has developed a technique to print for example topologies created by drone flights. Also the printing three-dimensional models of individual buildings or components is possible. In the picture you see the 3D-Printer of well filtration system. Photo: Bautec/3YOURMIND

The company developed precast concrete elements, which are crossed in a new way with points of light. This light from the concrete out, neither tangible nor visible are but turned off. So, lines, fonts, and logos can appear and disappear again.

The color palette of the concrete ranges from white to grey tones and allows therefore discreet but effective design possibilities. The installation is easy, because illuminated the precast concrete products are commercially available LEDs.

Hall 25, stand 220
Entire neighborhoods from the 3D printer

The Berlin-based company 3YOURMIND makes it possible topologies created from a variety of data sources, for example by municipal open-source platforms, or the drone flights three-dimensional models of individual buildings or entire city rush to print. The company also operates the 3D-Printing. So that architects and engineers can optimize models of buildings in a wide variety of materials and virtually at your fingertips directly from the CAD program out for 3D printing and finally print.

3YOURMIND is one of the 100 best German innovations for a digital world, and 2015 is award winner in the competition “German Land of Ideas”.

Few Great News on Bautec
The pellet burning boilers from ÖkoFEN can be integrated in any existing heating. Photo: Bautec

Hall 25, stand 220a

Intelligent active port

The company bluMartin from the upper Bavarian Weßling presents an intelligent active port called “freeAir plus” The device is an addition to the exterior wall ventilation unit 100 freeAir and allows you to connect more rooms for the living air ventilation. All without additional ventilation ducts. This can be the great advantage particularly in the rehabilitation of buildings.

Extremely efficient: Pellet boiler with condensing technology

With the so-called Pellematic condens company Bautec presents an extraordinary concept of burning 2016: the future-oriented condens condensing technology. The advantage of this is that the new generation of calorific value in every heat distribution system can run and is therefore suitable for exchanging old heating systems in existing buildings.

Few Great News on Bautec-4A heat exchanger made of stainless steel, as well as a specially designed heat exchanger geometry make this possible. According to the manufacturer, the device with a thermal efficiency of 107.3 percent is currently the world’s most efficient pellet heating system.

Hall 23b, Booth 213
Tablet instead of the magnetic Board

The name stands for “Get rid of magnet” to German Grom: away from the magnet. This software offers an alternative to the conventional magnet Board also today still used in many companies for HR and operational planning of machines.