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Life on Mars is hiding under the surface

Research of the red planet are carried out already for nearly half a century, but so far have failed to discover any form of life. It’s very sad news, especially in the face of the latest research, as it may indicate this on the fact that the planet is completely sterile.

AstroBiologists, do not lose hope and are prophesying that life on Mars was or is still there, but not on the surface, and deep beneath it. Logically thinking is there was a life millions of years ago, it could evolve into something remarkable below the MARS surface.

So far all research missions, with the help of space probes, rovers if probes were carried out on the surface of the planet. It ages because on the surface very inhospitable conditions for the existence of life as we know.

This is because on Mars there are extremely high and low temperatures, and also it has a residual atmosphere, so is there high radiation.

Scientists believe that simple forms of life phantoms on the rocks, which were covered with dust created when meteorites impacts, and we find them deep underground, where they can be a great oasis of life.

Life on Mars is hiding under the surface

Experts have conducted several experiments, during which they checked whether the biological compounds may have survived the impact of meteorites. It turned out that way.

Of course, the long-chain hydrocarbons, algae, degraded to such an extent that could not be detected. However, aromatic hydrocarbons, present even in higher plants, survived the experiment almost untouched.

These studies suggest, therefore, that we should change our thinking about the potential for life on the red planet, and plans for future exploration missions to refer for drilling.