100% Successful, Laser Technology Measure Alcohol in Driver Blood on Distance.

Who drives a car with alcohol in the blood, will remain in the future hardly undiscovered. The University has developed a laser system, the smallest traces of alcohol in the air of a car passing also during the measures. The laser can analyze but also in refineries in real time the gases resulting from the distillation of crude oil.

Drinking and driving is still provides too many tragedies: 4.8% of all accidents involving personal injury in Europe (2013) influence of alcohol one of the causes was. Came up, the proportion of alcohol-related accidents with 9.4% was already double as people died. But alcohol tests are expensive on road transport and the risk of getting caught are not high enough. That however will change in the future.

Alarm system detects the smallest amounts of alcohol in the passenger compartment from afar.

Researchers at the Würzburg University developed a laser based technique that automatically and remotely can detect whether there is alcohol in the air in the passenger compartment in the passing car. This laser measurement is amazingly accurate: the system raises the alarm, if sitting in the passing car a person who has at least 0.1 per mile of alcohol in the blood. However, the alarm displays even when the driver had contact with alcohol, the rest of the force star hail full hangs in the seats.

Measure Alcohol Driver Blood
Martin Kamp and Professor Sven Höfling do research in the strictly controlled climate of the clean room at the University of Würzburg. They have developed a laser system that can measure alcohol in the air. Würzburg University

“The police could use the system for a pre selection, pulling suspicious cars from circulation and then check them for more details”, says Martin Kamp, physicist of the University of Würzburg. Jointly with Professor Sven new inter band cascade laser technology courtier at the Chair for technical physics.

The new Alcohol Test System is based on the laser assisted stand-off detection. Here, it comes from a great distance, for example at airports to detect dangerous substances safely.

Laser system can be used in the petrochemical industry

Now, the team of researchers from Würzburg wants to insert special laser in the petrochemical industry. “The laser could determine in fractions of a second, what are the gases in the distillation of crude oil. Thus it could be used for quality assurance and process control in the petrochemical industry”, says Kamp. He coached “in-line cascade laser spectrometer for process control” for the Würzburg University the project funded from the EU budget with 5.5 million euro, just iCspec.

With partners such as Siemens a new laser developed in the project iCspec, which should help in refineries, to investigate the exact composition of gases. This innovative laser should soon proved their worth under real world conditions in practice. In the refinery of the Swedish cooperation partner Preem petroleum AB he should recognize during a distillation of hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane or propane. Martin Kamp believes in his laser: “This laser could revolutionize the measurement.”

Who drink too little, driving just as insecure as under alcohol.

Against another dangerous bad habit on the road of the new Super laser from Würzburg doesn’t help however: British researchers of the University of Loughborough have now found that motorists who take too little liquid as well make many mistakes like the drunk drivers.

Lamborgini Accident March 2016. Driver was just below acceptable level of alcohol in blood. Conclusion: “riders who have not had enough to drink, make as many errors as those who are over the legal alcohol limit,” Ron Maughan, Professor of sports nutrition, including his study together.

To do this they had male test subjects on two different days for two hours in the driving simulator driving a monotone track. On a test day, the riders got 200 milliliter of water to every hour drink the other day only 25 milliliters.

And who does not believe he drives worse even with the smallest amounts of alcohol in the blood which should attract times the suit of drunkenness by Ford. Which simulates how alcohol and driving feel when you’re sober?