Columbia University Laser Based Stealth Technology to Hide from Alien Telescopes.

Regardless of whether the intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations exist or not, we should be prepared for the probability. New idea scientists, although it sounds unusual, can be very useful, it’s about the use of lasers.

It’s not just about the invasion of our planet, but also the opportunity to bring a variety of spacecraft with which diseases we will not be able to cope. By analogy, the researchers cite the arrival of Europeans to the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries, which has a negative impact on the health of indigenous peoples.

David Kipping and Alex Morrisville from Columbia University in New York, believe that we should hide our presence before the aliens. To help with this mask lasers, the presence of the Earth in the solar system. Everything after that aliens have not come to know our address.

If Intelligent civilizations out there somewhere, you can safely assume that just like we can look to other universes exploiting the phenomenon of transit of celestial bodies. When the object overrides the partially star, it can be detected by analyzing the slight weakening of the brightness of the star. In this way, discovered over 1000 extra-solar planets.

Kipping and Morrisville calculated that laser with 30 MW running should do the trick. 10 hours in a single year to cover-up the presence of Earth during the transit of the Sun in the background.

It doesn’t have To be a large laser. May take the form of an array which is placed around the Earth or one of the pieces of equipment. We calculated that the international space station meets exactly the amount of energy that would hide our presence during the transit of the Sun in the background, “said Prof. Kipping.

This applies, however, only the laser working at visible light. The unit covering all wavelengths would have a total power of 250 MW. A good alternative could be the use of the laser, which will hide only specific aspects of Earth, for example. the composition of the atmosphere that there is life here.

The idea is interesting, but be aware that it can also work the other way. For some reason the aliens may not want us to find them and mask in a similar manner.