Largest rollercoaster in Europe will be ready by next summer

In July, the Foundation work began on building of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe roller-coaster. Constraction just begin in Chorzow.  Currently carried out are the earthworks and preparations are underway to fixed gears works with reinforced concrete prefabricated reinforced concrete of pile caps and the enforcement of the driven pile. Responsible for the execution is Polish-Dutch company “Aarsleff SA”


The robots pile are carried out based on their own technological projects of the artist. Part of the roller-coaster which is in a pond located in the theme park, which will be temporarily overwhelmed-we read in the press.

Only such a roller-coaster in central part of Europe

Amusement park in Chorzow is the oldest operating park in Poland. Running since 1959, the investor decided to extend it, and one of the elements that have to bear witness to its uniqueness, it has be a huge roller-coaster will stand out in size, length and speed on the background of the other attractions in our part of Europe.

Slovakian investor has planned that roller-coaster will have 908 m, and its height reaches 40 m, the maximum speed at which you want to move wagons, is 95 km/h. Ride this track will take 104 seconds.