Largest Installation of Flue Gas Desulphurisation in Europe

Tameh Poland, a joint venture of the ArcelorMittal Group and Tauron Group, over the next three years is going to build the installation of desulphurization and NO2 exhaust in the plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza. After completion, the new will meet the new, very demanding European standards for gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Poland Tameh and General Electric have signed the contract to build the formula “turn-key” complete desulphurization (IOS) and denitronization (SCR), five boilers OPG-230 in DELAY system in Dąbrowa Górnicza are on table. The contract value is around 50mln euro.

GE Poland

Flue gas desulphurisation is based on patented by GE gas desulphurisation semi-arid technology NID, which is one of the most advanced solutions available on the market today, guaranteeing high efficiency emission reductions both in terms of exhaust gas desulfurization and dust. GE Poland successfully implemented similar installations in combined heat and power in the Janikowie, Bydgoszcz and Poznan. Installation in a new DELAY with five modules NIDTM will clean 1 600 0000 Nm3/h of exhaust gas and will be one of the largest installation of flue gas desulphurisation semi-arid in Europe.

Installation of the catalytic denitronizators exhaust gases (SCR) type “tail end” will meet the increasingly demanding regulations regarding emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). To heat the exhaust inlet to the SCR installation will be used large installations gases from Dąbrowski ArcelorMittal Poland branch.

We expect that after the launch, IOS and SCR guarantee to maintain the level of SO2, particulates and NOx in the exhaust up below 180 mg/Nm3, 10 mg/Nm3 and 190 mg/Nm3. This will allow for a total compliance with the EU directive on industrial emissions (IED-Industrial Emissions Directive), which would allow us to continue to use all the boilers in the SO-CALLED NEW year after 2017, said Kristina Červenková, CEO of Tameh Holding.

Thanks to this investment, the new DELAY will meet new, yet very demanding European standards the emission of pollutants resulting from the implementation of processes to generate electricity and heat.

“Applied technologies of GE NIDTM and SCR provide our customers with unique solutions that allow you to meet increasingly stringent regulations on the protection of the environment while ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and clean air” said Beata Stelmach, President of GE in Poland and the Baltic States.