World’s Largest Car Carrier moves 8,500 cars at the time

Only from the outside, the traveler looks like a ship. The Interior is a parking garage. And what for one: 14 decks, room for 8,500 cars. At the same time, no other ship in the world can transport as many cars.

Largest Car Carrier
Record: The 200 m long and 36 m wide ship of the Norwegian shipping company Höegh would match up to 8,500 cars. Photo: Höegh

Everything about this ship is huge

Target trigger, tracer, trapper, traveller: There are five copies of this huge car transporter of the Norwegian shipping company Höegh, which makes for example VW models of Emden in the United States and Asia with their fleet of ships. On each of these 200 m long and 36 m wide vessels fit up to 8500 so-called standard car. You twitch succinctly with the shoulder? This 8,500 cars would stand in a row, would be a more than 40 km long car line.

Loading ramp support 75 elephants

On board, there are 14 decks, where the vehicles can be parked. Five of the decks are height-adjustable, so that higher vehicles can be loaded. Because are transported on Gigaliners not only small and mid-sized cars, but also trucks, construction vehicles, and what there is else heavyweights.

8500 Car Carrier
Not only the cars are shipped with auto liners. Also trucks and construction vehicles, the loading ramp can withstand the weight of 75 elephants. Photo: Höegh

And even large trucks can easily roll on: the loading ramp can withstand the weight of 75 adult elephants. It can carry up to 375 tons. And when the hatch opens, not even 6.5 m giraffes must move according to Höegh head. It is another 100 cm higher. Broadly, the hatch is 12 m.

Area of ten football fields

The entire loading area on 14 decks, which are reached by ramps, is roughly the size of ten football fields with 71.400 m2. And the charge in the construction of the car liner may be how hard? Höegh describes it thus: is the weight of 91 statue of liberty.

What is the weigh of this ship? 20,500 tonnes !

And how do you get such mass moves? As the main engine provides a 14,280 kW (19.515 HP) strong six-cylinder two-stroke turbo diesel propulsion. The speed limit is just 39 km/h. At this pace, the ships of the new horizon-class on 15 routes around the globe are on the road. That even with a clear environmental conscience.

höegh Biggest carrier
The Höegh traveller before one week at her baptism. There are now five car transporter new horizon class on the world’s oceans with her. She has designed on behalf of the Chinese shipyard Xiamen shipbuilding industry the Finnish ship Bauingenieur Office Deltamarin. Photo: Höegh

Only half of CO2 emissions

Were from the Chinese shipyard in close cooperation with the Finnish ship Designer, Xiamen shipbuilding industries’s built car carriers Delta marine Oy developed. The primary objective: using the latest technology to reduce pollutant emissions and energy consumption.

Car Carrier
On the world’s largest car carrier, there are 14 decks to stop the vehicles. Inside, it looks like in a parking garage. Photo: HöeghAutoliner

For that, the hull shape was further optimized after extensive model tests to achieve a very low fuel consumption despite high load capacity. The flow behavior under water could be improved and the wind resistance of the superstructure reduced.

According to recent estimates, the new horizon fleet of Höegh produces approximately 50% less CO2 than today’s standard towing trailer

Bigger, smarter, greener

Only energy saving LEDs used in the engine room and in the common areas, new information technology is used to ensure the energy efficiency in the operation of the vessel. In addition, the world’s largest car carrier use environmentally friendly refrigerants. And the electronically controlled main engine, the NOx values are monitored. Can also on the high seas off the auxiliary engines and used the power of the wave generator.

new car liner
Höegh is waiting on a new car liner. With six ships, owned and operated by new horizon fleet is then complete. Photo: Höegh

Bigger, smarter, greener says that Höegh to the new car transporters. Waiting on a last, the sixth ordered new-horizon car liner shipping company. Then, the Giga family is complete.