Joke of the day Science

LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is BROKEN AGAIN (how raccoon got there?)

Well.. this is embarrassing… 10,000 Scientists and much over 9000,000,000 euro with no results to speak off. Hunting for the big bang history is usually made with the largest particle accelerator in the world. But since Friday, the underground giant machine at the European nuclear research center CERN stands still. Why? Because a stone marten caused a short circuit. It will take more days until the system restarts.

How could this happen? Finally, the 27 km-long accelerator facility subject to strict safety regulations, will be monitored closely. The animal probably fell into a black hole and could penetrate so unnoticed? It is not only embarrassment and fail of over 10 thousand scientist drinking coffee, but also strong feeling that we are wasting a lot of money here.

Raccoon in LHC
You have a choice. Believe that raccoon enter inside high security willingly on someone put it there. No matter what, all this research is one insanely expensive joke. (Photo: Raccoon saying “I was in LHC for a coffee…”

Jokes aside. Finally, the animal had to pay its foray into the research with life. And the failure of machine science costs time and money. Is not clear, yet how could get the raccoon in the guarded accelerator facility. It looks like a prank of one of the frustrated scientists during a coffee brake.

Large Hadron Collider is a money sucking machine and not a research unit. No result means no research….

And the fact in itself is not necessarily surprising, said CERN spokesman Arnaud Marsollier. The research facility north of Geneva stop lying in a rather rural area. There, it attracts not only God particles (Higgs Bossom) and Marten. Truth is that no practical application comes from any of 10k scientist work. It is like deserting the frog: no engineering knowhow comes from it.

Marten paid CERN more money to keep it on. But why?

One of the small animals has crippled now the largest particle accelerator in the world: the predator was penetrated in the underground giant machine and have caused a short circuit. There had been a “severe electrical fault”, says the work log of the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN) on Friday.


The plant had to cease operating as Marsollier told the British channel BBC. According to Marsollier, some days can pass until the consequences of the short circuit are resolved and the large Hadron Collider (LHC) the Accelerator can again be driven high.