Is that fun? Land Rover Off-Road Autonomous Drive

The vision sounds bold: Land Rover wants to make his off-roader in the future autonomous curves through the terrain. For this you have a bunch of assistance systems equipped sports British two SUV Range Rover type and sent in a convoy in the wilderness. The question is, where there is the joy of driving?

It is the mega-trend of individual mobility, the autonomous driving. In August 2013 Mercedes proved its competence in this field: 125 years after the first automotive stage race by Bertha Benz the Stuttgart-based company had a truck of S-Class fully autonomous laying back about 100 km from Mannheim to Pforzheim.

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A pioneering. Even after the first to regard death victim at autonomous driving in a Tesla S beat the automaker with concepts and ideas to the intelligent car assistant.

Ultrasonic sensor checks 5 m environment on obstacles

According to Highway and city driving the British manufacturer dares approach now Jaguar Land Rover at the autonomous journey through rough terrain. This challenge is much greater than to take a vehicle of along defined boundary lines along.

In the grounds, the autonomous car must sure can recognize the type of surface and react accordingly. For the environment of the vehicle with Ultrasonic sensors is checked up to a distance of about five meters on quality, and on obstacles. This relatively low range of sensors is sufficient, because can drive vehicles in the premises only at low speeds.

“With us it is can drive autonomously through the terrain”

The strategy head of adventure brand Land Rover announced now at a press demonstration confident: “With us you can drive autonomously through the terrain.” ,developer Anna Gaszczak added: “We want to just make sure that the technique even under adverse circumstances certainly works.”

The assistance systems to adapt to the threats and challenges of the route here. So ultimately even isn’t about a trip in the Australian outback or the wild jungle. Already a mountain pass, a construction site, a heavy rain event or a typical day of drizzle in the British Empire is sufficient for unfavorable subsoil conditions.

Mud, gravel, snow: software detects the current underground

Land Rover has for its demonstration equipped two SUV Range Rover Sport with assistance technology for autonomous driving and sent to the area. The software can the car on the current base, whether asphalt, mud, sand, grass, gravel or snow set. Land Rover expects a three-dimensional path into the autonomous vehicle can use in the captured area respectively. The software all terrain progress control should already soon independently adjust the conditions and automatically slow down obstacles such as hilltops or water Fords.

Jaguar Land Rover
The surface detection know in time whether gravel, to drive through snow, grass, or sand and adjusts the vehicle. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover

A stereo camera captures the air space above the vehicle be registered low branches or other obstacles and avoid expensive paint damage. So completely outside the driver in all autonomy but is not then yet: he must enter yourself, how much is the vehicle together with the current cargo such as bicycles or panniers.

Networked range Rovers are exchanging data

By cameras, radar and LiDAR combined with the Ultrasonic sensors, the car should can have an all-round and far better capture as its surroundings as a human being. Land Rover relies on networking for his system. In the demonstration, the two were Range Rover Sport in the convoy on the road.

They communicated with each other via radio and data about terrain, the location and even the wheelbase fought each other. Dedicated Short range communications Land Rover calls this technology.

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It is not the first time that range Rover drives forward at autonomous driving. Last year, the manufacturer had unveiled a technique to remotely control a range Rover in the Center using a Smartphone.