Lamborghini Countach re-designed

A car looks, if you can make designer of extravagant shoes. The designer of shoe manufacturer’s United Nude have the shape of an elegant Lamborghini Countach as long through a computer program simplifies, until a sharp-edged metal box is formed.

This is similar to a small space ship that has lost from a foreign Galaxy to Earth ‘Low Res Car’. But not hovering, but even goes on four wheels. One can not see however is covered by the body.

United Nude
United Nude

Lamborghini Countach re-designed by REM D. Koolhaas

A computer has designed the flounder REM D. Koolhaas for the extravagant shoe label United nude according to the specifications of the Dutch architect. The program called low res reduced step by step all the shapes to the essentials. A fabric composed especially on smooth triangles thus became a beautiful Lamborghini Countach of the vintage 1974.

The two passengers sit one behind the other in a Spartan interior walls from bare metal, which they must share with the exposed batteries. The steering wheel is hexagonal and consists of thick stainless steel pipes, skillfully welded together.

As thick steering column aims straight at the body of the driver. To start off, the passengers must to lift the hood on Plexiglas and crawling through the resulting gap.

Instead of 330 kilometers per hour just tempo 50

While the original, which costs more than €300,000 on the used car market, reached a top speed of 330 km/h, “low res car’ with its small electric motor comes just on tempo 50. But driving the car is also made. It should above all attention United nude to create for the designer representatives of the Dutch British shoe manufacturer. Whose shoes not too look that you could run it.

This was created together with the star architect Zaha Hadid
This was created together with the star architect Zaha Hadid

But back to the car. It was designed with the same computer program like the extravagant shoes, also of the American pop star Lady Gaga wears sometimes. You know where usually nothing minimalist. Recently, United nude has introduced a shoe called ice shoe produced by means of 3D printers and which material is reminiscent of small blocks of ice.

Or the unusual  nude designed together with star architect Zaha Hadid. What you won’t believe: the high heel has an “ergonomically optimized foot bed”.

There are many other, very unusual shoes. That the Designer Ben van Berkel are very similar to a flower vase, Fernando Romero probably previously had a shopping bag in the head as he should draw something up and running.

Lamborghini Countach re-designed-a
Shoe directly from the 3D printer: This is the ice shoe by United Nude.

Oh yes: Also there are shoes for men. So you look like men’s shoes look just like. Is quite normal.

Car as a “magical mobile sculpture”

“The Lo Res car is rather a conceptual experiment than a conventional vehicle”, the designers explain their work. “His abstract look rather makes it a magical mobile sculpture.” It should remain a single piece and serve only as a publicity stunt. Should there be interested parties, which demonstrates its appreciation of art want to prowl the area, several examples are built and sold.