LA to SF Bus-Hotels Growing Quictly

Bus taking passengers with the sleeping cabin from Los Angeles to San Francisco. For $48 you have your own sleeping bed with Wi-Fi and you can take several pieces of luggage, bicycle or even a fruit baskets from Florida.

Foto: SleepBus
Foto: SleepBus

While Elon Musk strong re-examine his Hyperloop, commuters should catapult in half an hour at top speed from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Tom Currier had a different idea. Instead of constructing a completely new route network, as musk does this with its magnetic floating capsule, the young entrepreneur builds on existing structures and offers a simple, but apparently desired by many. As in the sleeping car passengers overnight from A to B transport, everyone in the own cabin.

Over 1300 tickets sold in the first week

For Europeans, the sleeping car considering moving the option on long train journeys, which rather is nothing new. But this possibility as a real gap in the market emerges in the poorly built track network in the United States.

Brilliant Bus-Hotel Service LA-SF is growing
Foto: SleepBus

Two European companies making the special buses for Berlin-Paris-Madrid-Rome trips.

For the time being, there is no service that carried passengers overnight from San Francisco to Los Angeles and in the meantime could offer a comfortable place to sleep. Either flying one relatively expensive or squeezing in a seat on the Greyhound bus.

Idea is simple: go to sleep in city A, wake up in B

After the pilot phase, in which Tom Currier had chartered a bus to test its new service, the correct SleepBus is now since mid-April in the implementation phase. Success is apparently huge, the young company of SleepBus can save hardly from requests. Over 1300 tickets had been sold in the first week. You could accept only again bookings if you have converted the next ten new buses, it says on the website. The capacity would rise until mid-August.

At the destination, travelers may sleep in until 9:00

Correctly, the SleepBus would in fact called SleepTruck, because the “bus” with now 20 sleeping cabins is in converted Volvo Truck. Evening to 11 starts the journey of both San Francisco and Los Angeles and lasts between six and seven hours in normal road traffic and non-stop. Either Tom Currier is itself a late, or he knows his clientele, because travelers are not immediately kicked out at the finish, but allowed a lie-in until 9:00.

Brilliant Bus-Hotel Service LA-SF is growing
Foto: SleepBus

Also the cabins offer a certain comfort. In addition to fresh “Luxury Bed Liner” there is a reading light, own power supply, a curtain for privacy and Wi-Fi. For all travelers have a bathroom, a seating area, coffee and tea available. Because there is enough space there, everyone must bring three large bags. Also, the transport of the bicycle or other bulky equipment is included in the price. Which is at $48, but will after the introduction period to $65 rise.

The network growing quictly

His network wants to expand the company of SleepBus in the future. Next, the route between San Francisco and Las Vegas is on the agenda. The line from San Francisco to San Diego should happen in the course of the year. Then, the founder of SleepBus want to react sometimes on special requests. “It fits as a large man with 1.93 in your beds? “someone on the company’s Facebook site wants to know. “Frankly, it’s a bit cramped”, replied SleepBus. “We hope but to be able to offer for our larger friends in the next version.”