Kosynier (Scytheman) – retrofuturistic retro bike from Poland

“Help Kosynier. Let us create together a new brand. ” so they turn to all fans from Polish technical thought into one passion. Brothers Bielawscy design and engineer unusual retro bike.

It all started four years ago. Now the brothers Bielawscy reveal all cards. Their vehicles and plans are impressive. There’s a good chance that in Poland a small company with ambitions can actually succeed. Today they’re off on the American side where they invite Internet users to support their hand-made vehicle.

Check out “Kosynier” extreme design and super fast electric bike!

For many automotive events in Poland you can live see two electric models that are clan and very economic. Version of the sport and Tourist Board, which refer to the motorcycles made over 100 years ago. Like all they showed, but only now do we know how the target frame will look like. And it is unique. Modular structure and large . You will be able to build electric bike according to personal taste, but also you will be able to build a cruiser bike from it without the motor. And for some time as someone wants it enough, that buy from the clan motor with batteries and without any cutting, drilling will build your dream bike. It is worth noting that all the time it will look perfect.

Photo: Kosynier E-Bike (Poland)
Photo: Kosynier E-Bike (Poland)

Demand for Retro-Futuristic vehicles is trending up

Everything, however, and so has been eclipsed by a unique model designed by the talented young Polish designer Mateusz Przystała, that your account is no longer involved in the design of the latest Ferrari. Now designed a bike that refers to motorcycles beating speed records on the salt flats where salt lakes. Version will be produced only in 31 plays, the faring on the bike will be made of profiled aluminium and hand the front fairing with carbon. This retro-futuristic vehicle will be equipped with two engines. Front and rear wheel will have an engine with a minimum of 8000 Watts, what is far more than necessary! You have to admit, that does a great impression.

The brothers declare something else. Due to the fact that one of them from an early age is his organizational skills, and both brothers have a great contact with children, already now promise that after the launch of production of some of their profits will be allocated for the creation of Kosynier Lab where they want the surrounding children invite to a workshop with design, operate the camera, 3D printing and other exciting activities. They want to show that nothing is impossible, that people with small towns can do whatever takes to accomplish success. They are the best example.

Photo: Kosynier E-Bike (Poland)
Photo: Kosynier E-Bike (Poland)

Probably because, in addition to Bartłomiej Topą and Rafal Sonik to the group supporting the clan joined Marcin Gortat, who will be happy to engage in social activities. If so many people respected supports this project, if last year supported him 250 people from Poland for an amount exceeding 20 000 . It will not take much of the time to build a solid company and advance in sells.

The project itself and the passion of brothers Bielawski gives you a chance to it, that the rise of the company, you will be able to brag about in the world. We encourage you to support. Let Internet users around the world will see that there are many people who supports the clan.