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Kopex Sibir Contract Supplied for Mining Machinery

The Kopex Sibir company, belonging to the Kopex Group has signed a contract for supply of conveyors, crusher and boot-end to the Gramoteinska Coal Mine. Gross value of the contract amounts is 5.2 million euro.Subject of the contract covers supply “Rybnik 1100 Armoured Face Conveyor”, “Grot 1100 Beam Stage Loader”, “Scorpion 3000P Crusher” and peripheral equipment. The term of the contract was set up for 15 February 2016. The Gramoteinska Coal Mine is located in Siberia in the Kemerovo Oblast. The contract signed in early November.

Fourth Contract signed by the KOPEX Group with the Kuznetsk Coal Basin.

Kopex Waratah, Australia’s company belonging to the KOPEX Group, has signed a contract for mining equipment repair with a customer from that country. The contract covers
overhaul of two continuous miners and three mobile powered roof supports.

The contract value is 2.785 million Australian dollars (approx. 1.8m euro). Kopex Waratah is a distributor of Waracar shuttle cars, also offering their maintenance and mandatory inspections. The company has manufactured 100 shuttle cars so far, what gives market share of around 40%.

Kopex Waratah is also manufactures feeder breakers and renders overhaul services for continuous miners. Besides, in the Australian market, the company sells other KOPEX Group products, including transformers and components of powered roof supports.
In the Chinese market the KOPEX Group is going to offer its Mikrus, thin seam long-wall
system together with Xi’an Coal Mining Factory, one of the largest manufacturers of mining
machinery in China.

The Agreement was signed at the KATOWICE 2015 International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy.

The KOPEX Group’s Management Board hopes to gain access to several end-users of the Chinese company. Xi’an Coal Mining Factory is one of the largest manufacturers of mining
machinery in the Chinese market says Józef Wolski KOPEX Group’s President. On its own market, this Chinese company has a huge advantage over foreign entities, such as for example the KOPEX Group. Now we may take advantage of it.

Under the signed agreement, some selected system components of Mikrus, including roof support steel structures, are scheduled to be manufactured in China according to the engineering documentation of the KOPEX Group.

They are the most massive elements of the long wall system, explains Dr. Wolski.

The agreement that we have signed today will directly result in lower manufacture costs and greater competitiveness of Mikrus. As pointed out by Wolski, the fact that Mikrus will be partly manufactured in the Middle Kingdom is important for the Chinese mines. Some other components, such as cables, water chillers, chains are also going to be made in China. In Poland there will be manufactured the most technologically advanced sub-assemblies for Mikrus long-wall system such as cutting and loading head as well as power supply and control systems, says Wolski.

Xi’an Coal Mining Factory is located in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province in the north-central China. For 50 years, it has made parts for longwall systems for China’s biggest mining
companies, such as Shenhua Group, China Coal, Shaanxi Coal and many others.