Kokomo as artificial dream island and ship

Kokomo was a fictional dream Iceland from the same name Hit the Beach Boys. But soon it will really give Kokomo, as in artificial luxury Iceland with lavish living spaces, pools and waterfalls, palm garden and helipad. From the 80-meter-high penthouse has a breathtaking view over the most unusual residential Iceland in the world.The Beach Boys knew it already in 1988. In her number 1 hit Kokomo she sang the perfect happiness on the island off the coast of Florida where you drink cocktails in bright moonlit nights and fell in love. Well, Kokomo is a fictional island and so far existed only in the imagination of carefree lyrics of Beach Boys. That should change, because the Austrian company Migaloo wants a “Kokomo Ailand” build – a private island with pure luxury.

The island is moving slowly but has 117 m lenght!

Headquartered in Graz company Migaloo designs otherwise luxury yachts for very rich customers, but now wants to CEO Christian Gumpold offer also an object on which it can still live a bit more luxurious than on a boat. This Kokomo Ailand is in principle also a ship, which is however not depend on being able to travel as quickly as possible. The huge residential complex brings it go on no more than 14 km per hour.

Built was still none of these mobile islands, these are the individual customer requirements, which must be applied, just too important. But prospective admit there are already some, Gumpold let her know. As one might imagine Kokomo Ailand, the designers of Migaloo have already been drafted. Thereafter, the floating “property” would be 117 meters long and consisted of multiple decks on which everything is to find what the panting for luxury traveler wants.

Even a landing place for the in-house helicopter there should be at Kokomo Ailand because depending on what kind of dream world region, the island is just moored, those arriving by ship would be too time-consuming.

Dining under water and a station for shark feeding

This naturally includes the spa, the gym, a beauty salon, a bar, a cinema and several pools. In the evening you have to decide whether to outdoors or maybe want to take in the dining room under water dinner.

May feel close to nature you are in the vertical gardens with palm trees and waterfalls. It should even be a station, can be fed from the from the sharks. At the very top, to reach 80 m in height and with an elevator, can the penthouse with 360 degree panoramic views nothing to be desired.

Artificial island could also serve as a hotel or corporate headquarters

Kokomo Ailand is not just something for very rich millionaires and billionaires. Another possibility would be to use as a floating luxury hotel, as a casino or corporate headquarters. Thought is Kokomo Ailand for “Customers extravagance for himself or for representation purposes dear,” said Migaloo boss Christian Gumpold against the magazine Travel Book. Possible markets he sees Asia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, because “these customers want exactly such extravagant flagship projects and implement”.


Is left until the first Kokomo Island to water, it could take some time. Typically would pass about five to seven years for a superyacht project, from initial design through to handover to the customer, know Gumpert. “Sea Life Sea is a future megatrend be”, of which the CEO is convinced Migaloo.

Who the Kokomo Island can not afford, can nevertheless access to Chilli Iceland. The island also comes from an Austrian manufacturer, there but for less than € 10,000 – including the electric motor. Only live, you can not on Chilli Iceland. Just chill out, listening to music and jump into the water. But at least.


Chilling on Chilli Iceland: The luxury resort island pampered passengers, costs however also € 9,450.