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Kim Dzon Un wants to fly to the Moon

North Korean authorities have informed that soon, not only will become a nuclear power, and will be able to fight off the attack of each Member State, but also conquer the cosmos.

Korean scientists, with the great leader’s command, they work because of the rockets, space ships and advanced robots, which will enable astronauts fly to the Moon and put the flag on the surface of the State.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hyon Kwang Il, Director of the National Space Agency (NADA) is planning that this will happen within a decade!

Such plans a little bit odd, because some time ago, it was reported that North Korea¬†astronauts were able to land in the Sun. Apparently, Kim now wants to get a bit more “Earthbound”.

Recall that the Kim Dzon Un currently has two satellites of the phrases: KMS-3-2 and the KMS-4.

Kim Dzon Un to the Moon