Impact on Jupiter Recorded by Home Astronomer

In mid-March in Jupiter could hit a small object. The phenomenon was recorded by an amateur astronomer.

The incident occurred March 17, 2016 for 01:16 CET. Captured them amateur astronomer observing Jupiter from the South-Western Australia. The telescope was used to observe the type of Newton about Aperture 20 cm, equipped with a CCD detector for planetary observation.

Details can be seen on the following recording.

Jupiter in our solar system works like a “shield”, often attracting small objects, such as asteroids or comets. For several years, some of these impacts are observed “live” by amateur astronomers.

Previous similar reports hit time in 2012, and about two in 2010.

It is certain that captured the phenomenon is barely a fraction of all of the strokes in the largest planet of the solar system. The following two recordings represent the impact of 2012 and 2010.