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Jet Fuel Alternatives

What alternative aircraft fuels will save the environment? Researchers of the German Center for air and space travel want to find that out. For this they made an amazing car chase in the air on the legs.

Search after an alternative jet fuel the DLR has conducted extensive flight tests in the past three weeks. Two research planes had in mind in a closed airspace over the Allgäu in 9 to 12 km altitude testing Alternatives to Jet Fuel.

Jet Fuel Alternatives Research Results

“The group is led by the twin-engine Airbus A320 ATRA, which starts by airport in Manching was previously filled with up to 48-percent mixture of an alternative fuel and conventional Jet-A1”, explains Oliver Brieger, head of the DLR – research operations. The converted medium-haul passenger jet with the world thousands of times used engines of V2500 series is an ideal.

Research aircraft tested exhaust with laser particle probe to find series of alternative to jet fuel.

The Falcon flew behind the medium-haul jet. The “German Aerospace Center”: atmosphere research aircraft was packed with instruments – about with a laser particle probe. As a result, it became possible to measure the number and size of the particles of soot in the exhaust jet of the A320 ATRA distances between 100 m and 20 km.

The researchers of German Aerospace Center had fuel A320 full – and part-synthetic fuels. “Various measurement flights we use each an alternative fuel with a different composition”, scientist Patrick Le Clercq, head of the project explains emission on climate impact of alternative fuels (Eclif). “We vary the proportion of cyclic hydrocarbons in an area with between 10 and 19% and measure the changes in the exhaust Jet.”

Alternatives to Jet Fuel
Alternative Jet Fuel are necessary to reduce global warming effect.

Cirrus clouds from contrails contribute to climate warming

Why screw the researchers working on cyclic hydrocarbons? Because they are largely responsible for the formation of soot during combustion in engines. And leads to the formation of contrails, which transform to so-called Cirrus clouds contributing to global warming. The researchers looked at how the composition of various fuels changes the radiation effective optical properties of the contrail.

The findings Jet Fuel Alternatives from the flight tests should help to design improved aviation fuel. “Conceivably the synthesis of fuels from renewable sources of energy for air traffic in the direction of climate more favourable for example, is to develop emissions”, Le Clercq explains. “On the CO2 balance, as well as on the social acceptance in the long term particularly biomass sources such as camelina, Jatropha and algae are interesting, which are not in competition with food.”

Cheap kerosene prices are a drag on biofuels forcing industry to find alternatives to jet fuel.

So far, global air traffic with CO2 emissions and contrails contributes around 5% to global warming. Worldwide, researchers are therefore an alternative fuel. “The research is intense, but there’s still no series fuel”, said DLR researcher Rolf Henke Handelsblatt.

But what is a breakthrough in the way? Finally NASA and DLR German Aerospace Center could already 2014, prove that the biofuel Hefa is approved for air transport and as  environmentally friendly as kerosene. Answer: the low price of kerosene. Jet Fuel Alternatives to arrive against them, researchers need to develop cheaper manufacturing processes for alternative fuels.