Here’s what registered Japanese satellite before his death

At the beginning of the year, Japan launched into space a satellite that would allow to conduct groundbreaking research of black holes. Unfortunately, by stupid mistake it was executed very quickly. Here’s what Hitomi recorded just before his death.

When JAXA in February this year stood at satellite Hitomi to the orbit, the astronomers from all over the world were excited about the information, which he can provide about black holes and the nature of the universe. But a month later, something went wrong. A series of unfortunate events caused by a mixture of human error and software defects that made satellite spiraled out of control. Despite attempts to recover domination over Hitomi, worth 273 million dollars, the project was executed.

How new galaxies are made

Before Hitomi “died” has collected some interesting information, which managed to capture the astronomers looking after children with this mission. They show an unknown before the role that black holes play in the processes of the formation of galaxies. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If Hitomi still run, probably discovered┬ámany other mysteries of the universe.

It turns out that the center of the Cluster in Perseus is exceptionally quiet

Just before the moment of death, Hitomi watched Cluster in Perseus, cluster of galaxies is ok. 240 million light years from Earth. In the center of the clusters is a super-massive black hole, which is a source of strong x-rays. Researchers had expected activity detection that a black hole, but the data collected by Hitomi put them in surprise. In the center of the clusters was calm, and the level of radiation was less than expected. Venom quickly, that a black hole does not stimulate-as previously thought-growth of the Galaxy, and it inhibits, stabilizing her size!

Tracking the black holes with modern satellites

It is surprising that the energy emitted from a black hole is very effectively absorbed. Hot gas, which watched Hitomi, is actually the seed of the future of the Galaxy. We have found that hot gas is much more than the stars in the Galaxy. This means that black holes play a big role in dictating the galaxies final shape. Black holes to effectively control the growth of galaxies, “said Brian McNamara of the Waterloo University.

The latest findings show how still little is known about the role of black holes in the evolution of the universe. Loss of Hitomi is the greater, that the correct use of this satellite, could shed new light on this fascinating subject matter.