Japanese Audiophiles Build Power Poles for Better Sound Quality

Audiophiles are a very interesting group of hobbyists, can they spend on equipment to listen dozens or even hundreds of thousands euros, and a large proportion of this budget absorb cables of all kind. But the Japanese music lovers have gone one step further-they build your own Power Poles.

One such people is Takeo Morita, who worried about not very stable current to flow into your home, which may influence his opinion on the obtained sound, put your own energy column with separate transformer, so that it can count on the current “better quality”.

It cost more than one million yen (about 40 thousand euro), and it is not at all

More music lovers also take similar steps, shall be issued even for them the magazine reviling mysteries of electrical engineering.

Well, it already seems to be a slight exaggeration, the more that 8 years ago in an amateur experiment it has been proven that most of the audiophile fun does not make much sense music lovers were unable to distinguish between a sound that comes with an expensive, professional and cord that sent by the most ordinary, upright with a wire hanger.

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