new express train for Tokyo Olympic

Japan impress visitors with new express train for Tokyo Olympic 2020

Japan wants to come up with a technically new Shinkansen bullet train in time for the 2020 summer Olympics. The model N700S will have an aerodynamic nose, should be significantly lighter and seven per cent consume less power than its predecessor N700A.

Japan was the first country that took high speed trains the Shinkansen in operation. And that happened to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. Now a completely new type of Shinkansen to impress to the games by 2020 in Japan visitors. It is the seventh generation.

“S” stands for “Supreme”

The trains should be, on the high speed route between Tokyo and Osaka, the so-called Tokaido line used. The “S” of the new N700 generation stands for “Supreme”. “The N700S will be a revolutionary move,” stressed the President of the railway company JR Tokai, KOEI Tsuge now.

Numerous technical innovations will be built in the new generation of Shinkansen with a more design.

Advanced early warning system

These include modifications of the braking system, both also of signalling technology. So, the braking distance in case of emergency, especially in case of an earthquake, should be shorter. At a speed of 285 km/h up to shorten the braking distance by at least five percent.

Today, the Shinkansen with the technically probably the most advanced early warning system works. So register 70 interconnected seismometers along the tracks seismic activity and cause in the event of an earthquake, that the current is switched off and automatically brakes the trains in the danger zone.

On the basis of intensive tests that are central in the company’s own research and development laboratory has made the railway company JR, the vibration sensors in the bogie, improving also connected with changes of the active suspension to improve ride comfort.

Lightweight for greater energy savings

The N700S to less than 700 t, and thus to 300 t be easier than the original “O”-series. The drive system should be 20% lighter than the previous model N700A.

According to JR Central, the previously lowest axle load on a high speed train calculates. This is also due to a new generation of silicon carbide semiconductors, developed by JR Central in conjunction with Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu electric.

These semiconductors are to be incorporated in the traction control system, to reduce the weight of the drive elements by increasing performance and thus to achieve energy savings. The advantage of new semiconductors, below andrem in their heat resistance. You should also be associated with a new cooling system.

Export at a glance

The innovations include also, that the new Shinkansen trains not only to a standard length of 16 coaches are designed, but can be shortened to 12 or even 8 car. That happens with views of export, since the N700S series to be sold even after Taiwan Taiwan high speed rail, which already operates a fast train between Taipei and Kaohsiung in the South, to the. In addition, Texas has expressed interest in a high speed line between Dallas and Houston.

More comfort for passengers

Also, the railway company trying to draw visitors to the Olympic Games with several new amenities. All seats will be equipped with electrical outlets on the armrests for mobile devices. In the current Shinkansen models are outlets usually only on the window seat. In addition, the toilets even when power cuts as in the case of the earthquake will be still usable.

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