New Jaguar FreeRider Leans on Curves

London design students have designed a Jaguar, whose roadster floats 15 degrees. Driver and front passenger are swinging through the curves. Whether such a thing is going to be ever built? For now enjoy these pictures, after all maybe someone can make it.Is this the new Batmobile? Or the Knight Rider of the 21st century? Even a James would not shame on bond for as a projectile, and chases could be quite so comfortable. Because the Jaguar Freerider, students have designed the London College of art, is not only extremely chic, but has a feature that still exist in any car in the world.

Jaguar FreeRider Leans on Curves
Foto: Ari Nikulin/Minwoo Choi/Frederik Vanden Borre, College of Art London, UK

The cabin for driver and front passenger, a security cage inspired from Formula 1, can tilt 15 degrees. Followed by centrifugal force and resonates in every corner, so you would hang on the whirligig.

A motor on each wheel

In any case Nikulin and Minwoo Choi and Frederik Vanden Borre imagine the ARI as ready to built, this study has of course no one, also not as a prototype. So far, the FreeRider is just a fancy graphic.

The three design students made this model very well not only as pretty little thing but also quite concerned in technical field. So they are planning four individual motors, which are going to be placed on each wheel. This allows for a precisely controlled drive and should create space apart, especially in the interior. That cabin between the front and rear axle can have a free swing.

Jaguar FreeRider
Foto: Ari Nikulin/Minwoo Choi/Frederik Vanden Borre, College of Art ,London

And that in turn allows a completely new suspension system for the back of the driver, solely moves for the output and therefore the road situation is optimized.

The battery of the sporty electric cars should sit under the driver’s cage. According to the study, just under four meters long vehicle will be extremely flat with only one meter height. This is made possible by abandoning a real window: “FreeRiders” is therefore a Headup display in which the traffic situation in the outside world is depicted. “Augmented reality” for the drivers of the future.

Jaguar FreeRider
Jaguar FreeRider

Jaguar as a sculpture in bronze

This study is of course still very far from achieving. On the other hand Jaguar is very open to fresh ideas and praise from competitions for young designers regularly. And that’s it so far, that blur the boundaries between industrial design and free art. Best example of this is the bronze Jaguar sculpture developed 2013 also London students alongside the “advanced design” Studio of the manufacturer. This reduced fiber glass sculpture is however quite clear that she will never go into series production…