It’s 2016 – Does Your Blog Need a Revamp?

With a new year just beginning, it is always a good time to take stock and see where things could be improved with a little effort. This is never more true than with a website. Website design is affected by two things that move fast and change often – technology, and fashion.

As design trends change, old sites can be left looking dated, and of course, if you aren’t using the latest features and tools to make your site a better experience for your visitors, you could be losing out to sites that do.

With a blog, there is also the matter of success. Perhaps you started a blog a few years ago which only a few people read, but now you have lots of readers. Does your site design look a little amateurish for a successful blog?

If you’ve been running a blog for more than a couple of years, it can be a very good idea to make now the time you review your site design, and perhaps plan a refresh for it if it seems necessary.

Keeping Consistent Branding

One thing that puts some people off changing a site design is that they think that it will have a negative impact on their brand recognition. Your site may be old and basic, but that is what your readers are used to, and you may worry they won’t recognize you after the makeover. Of course, branding is very important, however by working with top website designers who are used to doing redesigns on existing sites, you can get a look that retains the feel of your original site and uses all of your brand elements, but also looks fresh, modern and professional. Talk to a web designer recommended by a listings site like WordPressDesignServices.com/ and explain the things you’d like to keep from your existing design.

Creating Branding

Of course, it could be that if you started off small scale, your blog doesn’t really have any proper branding yet. Your logo may simply be your site name in a certain font, and the color scheme and text elements used might just be the ones you thought looked nice at the time. If this is the case, you can go for a full refresh that changes everything into a professional, slick looking interface that your readers will love.

Adding Features

Your refresh could also be part of a bigger strategy to improve your site this year. If you have plans to start adding new types of content, for example making image galleries or videos, or you are planning to do more by way of social media marketing, making enhancements to your site that will support these can be a great idea. Talking to your web designer about potential new features you can add with things like plug ins is a good way to see what the possibilities are, and how your site design can best support your approaches.

Give your site a design review today, and see where you can take it in 2016!