Italian 3D Building Printer

Every day worldwide 100,000 new apartments would have to emerge to the world’s growing population providing shelter. A gigantic demand, which is may be possible – via 3D printing.Italian 3D Building Printer looks like the skeleton of a grain silo. “Big Delta” but is the currently largest 3D printer in the world, at least say its builders from the Italian company of WASP (World’s advanced saving project). You have now presented the twelve meter high tower of aluminum Struts, the actual printing unit such as a splash sleeve moves in the Middle, an inventor Festival in Ravenna. With pride: “It is much more than a dream that comes true,” said WASP co-founder Massimo Moretti.

Italian 3D Building Printer

Big Delta is to be able to make simple, but very inexpensive houses very quickly. In the small model version, they look like igloos with pitched roof, consisting of stacked-bearing beading. The inventor with a type of WaSP looked off the idea for themselves, which builds its nests in a similar way. The highlight: The walls are only made of clay and mud, so building materials, which are almost everywhere and practically infinitely available.Italian 3D Building Printer another advantage is the good insulation, providing these materials.

Giant version of Italian 3D Building Printer device on the market.

The inventors have begun three years ago with the development of the giant printer. “Now we have shown that housing construction works with 3D printing”, Moretti cheers today. Actually performed the Italians not have the process in real format but still.

However, the know-how could be present. Moretti company specializes on the development of 3D printers since 2003. Since then, it has brought new devices on the market that can handle a wide variety of materials from ceramics, wood to aluminum. The new giant is based on the model of “Delta”, which is currently sold for prices around €2000 and which objects can generate up to a height of 70 cm.

Italian 3D Building Printer DesignApartments for four billion people?

Big Delta, but should be of course very different dimensions. Moretti believes to be able to solve the housing problems of the world by 3D printing. By the year 2030, there will be four billion people according to estimates of the United Nations on Earth living the absolute poverty line of less than one US dollar per day. But, many of these people could get cheap, stable and clean apartments by using the procedure, says the entrepreneur.

Italian 3D Building PrinterThe world’s first office building is to be by the way out of the 3D printer in Dubai. And already so amazing items such as an E-violin with this new technique are been customized.