Israeli Army App Store for Soldiers

An app store just for soldiers? Exactly has the army of Israel. The apps to support the soldiers in the field and even warn of bomb and rocket attacks? As it is possible to read here.

The Israeli military’s new app store is not accessible from the outside. After all, it is known that he offers apps for Apple and Android smartphones, aimed at helping the troops in their operations.

Israeli Army App Store
Israeli troops during an exercise: special military apps can warn soldiers, for example, of impending missile attacks in tightly defined areas. All soldiers can be accurately track via GPS. Photo: Israel Defense Forces

There’s an app that warns soldiers before attacks. Due to the GPS feature of smartphones, the military knows exactly where are the troops or even each soldier. There’s a threat, suddenly threatens even a bomb attack or is even a missile approaching, the affected soldiers can be warned by App in real time.

15 programmers for the cyber defense Academy

In Tel Aviv, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), so the Israeli military, operates a central IDF cyber defense Academy, which is responsible for the development of cyber defense systems. There are 15 programmers for soldiers app development. The C4i computer services Directorate intends to develop in its own words “an app for every challenge”. So we will move computing from the office directly to the field, said Lt. Col. Rami Shaked.

Israeli Army AppStore
Israeli Army AppStore proved to be a very useful tool in the field. Soldiers have limited access to main AppStore to not to cause additional distractions.

There should be already a few dozen apps, tailored to the different needs of the soldiers. The military does not make for more information. It is noteworthy, however, that the IDF cyber defense Academy does not exclude that in future this military apps also in civilian versions could be sold.

Face recognition with a special military app

In addition to the above app to the warning by soldiers on the threats, there will be also a special app for facial recognition. This is already common in the civilian application. But the variant developed for military purposes includes the environment in the analysis. This takes into account that a face under different conditions and depending on the environment can be very different from the fact.

Military app, it should be possible clearly to recognize a face in any environment and immediately know to whom it belongs. Play a role that can, for example, during demonstrations and protest actions, to detect, who are the masterminds. The IDF cyber defense Academy has incorporated apparently also the function into the app to watch passersby on the street and to filter out people by face recognition. Thus, the army’s imminent unrest or violence will close before it ever started.

An app just for snipers

An app aims to improve the use of snipers. Air movements can affect the accuracy and greatly distract a bullet, an App the sniper give data on weather, wind direction and wind speed in the target area.