Is Bermuda Triangle Mystery really solved?

Discovery made by scientists at the bottom of the Barents Sea near the Norwegian coast can help to solve the mystery of the alleged disappearances of ships and planes. The Bermuda triangle in the Caribbean.A team of researchers from the Norwegian Arctic University has established at the bottom of the Barents Sea crater, formed as a result of sudden release of methane accumulated in the bottom of the sea. The crater is about 800 m in diameter and 4 m deep, and as its exits from the gas can induce strong explosions.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Bermuda Triangle Mystery may be explained by methane implosions and leaks.

According to scholars, similar eruptions can occur also in other parts of the world, including in the area of Bermuda. This could explain the mystery of the famous Bermuda triangle and the disappearance of it apparently from years of airplanes and ships.

If this is the reality? Perhaps we will see about it as early as next month, during the Conference, the European Union of Geo-sciences. Specialists will be during her wonder whether releasing the ocean floor blisters methane may pose a threat to maritime and airspace.