Invisible Russian Heavy Drones “KRET”

The Russian military technology works with high pressure on the development of drones. Invisible Russian Heavy Drones are the best on the world. You should both can discover Western unmanned aircraft as an up-to-date fighters at an early stage and fight. Pioneer is the company KRET from the Russian military technology company Rostec.

The Rostec group based in Moscow is the largest company of Russian military technology with just under 900,000 employees. The company of JSC CONCERN RADIO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES (KRET) develops and builds drones. Meanwhile, it is comparatively heavy drones. The current top model of KRET weighs five tons. super heavy drone with a take-off weight of 20 tonnes will also operate by 2020.

Foreground radar electronics does’nt detect Invisible Russian Heavy Drones

The newer drones by KRET is characterized both by a new active as passive radar technology. The active radar works with low frequency impulses, to aircraft, totrack drones and missiles. Above all, it involves the screening of Americanmodern combat aircraft type F22 and F35.

The five ton drone does not yet have its own weapon systems to combat enemyaircraft and missiles. These will be installed in the future 20 tons drone.

The new KRET drones passive radar technology works with a so-called electromagnetic environment that protectively envelops the drone. This magnetic field destroys enemy radar pulses. It makes these drones in principle largely invisible to enemy radar. This is true both for the surveillance radar and the radar-based stations of enemy missiles.

Externally similar to the American X-47 B drone

The new KRET drones are as flying missiles externally a striking resemblance tothe experimental American drone X-47B on which flew for the first time in 2011and by the United States Navy since 2013 mainly used to test aircraft carrierscan land on how far drones.

The X-47B what never intended for mass production or the equipment with weapons and modern radar technology.

KRET drones are made from plastic

The new KRET drones are primarily emergency of aluminum but of plastic. Probably, it is glass-fibre-reinforced plastics. This part of the exterior of the drones made of transparent material is manufactured, which frees even the views of the electronics inside the drone.

In the choice of material types, the assurance of a permanent magnetic field around the drones should have played on essential role. More, to this point but so far not to learn.

Probably new drones can launch vertically

The installation of two additional lift engines in the wings is particularly noticeable with the KRET drones. This suggests that KRET has the possibility of vertical startup or at least extremely short runways for the heavy drones in the eye.

How important, drones are Russia, so the education shows a drones unit as at the beginning of the year had reported.

With the drone X-47B is being tested mainly landing on aircraft carriers.

China is working on similar drones as KRET (Invisible Russian Heavy Drones)

At least since the spring of this year, it is clear that the Chinese aircraft industry is working to develop of similar drones as KRET. A model with the name “Divine Eagle” or “Divine Eagle” flew in the spring. Again, radar technology has apparently of outstanding importance.

This not only involves the early detection of aircraft, but so by enemy warships. It is not known whether there is a cooperation between China and Russia in the development of drones.

In the military as civilian aircraft, there are such cooperation in some areas.